hearditfromamom.com on PurseStrings – Tuesday 10/26 3pm EST right here!

My guest Tuesday (10/26) on PurseStrings is Kevin Burke – of Lucid Marketing and hearditfromamom.com. Kevin is keeping us on the Mom topic. We’ll be talking about how marketers are missing the boat in their connections with mom. – Maria Reitan

War in the Boardroom – Purse Strings, 10/5 at 3pm EST – right here!

Next Tuesday’s, I’ll be speaking with Laura Ries, president of marketing consultancy Reis and Reis and co-author of “War in the Boardroom: Why left-brain management and right-brain marketing don’t see eye to eye and what to do about it.” Laura and her father, Al, tackled the differences between the approach and thinking style of marketing […]

MUMSNET Turns 10- PurseStrings – 3pm EST – right here!

Tuesday on PurseStrings I’ll be speaking with Justine Roberts, the co-founder of Britain’s most powerful site – MUMSNET. Women’s voices are so strong and in Britain that fact was made known in a big way. The 10-year old site was at the center of that country’s last General Election. On PurseStrings, hear the secret behind […]

Savor the Success – Purse Strings 8/31 3pm EST – right here!

This Tuesday I’ll be speaking with Angela Jia Kim with Savor the Success … a new publication that launched in May. This magazine with a twist – as she describes it, is all about women entrepreneurs. She herself has started several businesses. The secret of her success and why she’s now sharing with that with […]

Shiny New Things – the Power of Early Adopters – Purse Strings – Tuesday 3pm EST – right here

My guest for Tuesday’s show is Laura Rich – journalist, author of a white paper Shiny New Things that was just featured in Advertising Age. It’s all about the power of the early adopter to influence others and why marketers need to know who these people are in their industry.

Life’s Little Imperfections – How Marketers can Help – PurseStrings 4/20 3pm EST – tune in here

On Tuesday’s show, I’m talking with Lucy Danziger, editor-in-chief of Self. Danziger has been featured on several television shows, including Today, The View and Good Morning America. She also keeps a daily blog on the Self web site titled True to my SELF.

Danziger has co-authored a book with Dr Catherine Birndorf called The Nine Rooms of Happiness: Loving Yourself, Finding Your Purpose, and Getting over Life’s Little Imperfections. She’ll share how everyone woman can achieve her own brand of happiness and how marketers can help.

Wolf Means Business – customer culture breeds innovation – Purse Strings – Tuesday 3pm EST – right here!

On Tuesday’s show, I’ll speak with Julie Gilbert, Founder of Wolf Means Business. Wolf is a sustainable innovation platform enabling organizations mobilize and leverage the global purchasing power and passion of critical customer groups and employees to drive superior and sustainable business, policy and community outcomes. Wolf says it’s the only company with a proven […]

The Green Mom Eco-Cosm: PurseStrings LIVE 3pm EST today – right here!

Angela Walseng, partner with the Social Studies Group, and Andrea Learned (author, blogger and gender insights/marketing to women thought leader) partnered on a research project that has lead to a white paper entitled: The Green Mom Eco-Cosm: A social study into their motivations, convictions and influence. The research focused on uncovering the various levels of […]

Chat, Chew and Chocolate on PurseStrings – Jan. 26th 3pm EST – right here!

My guest for next Tuesday’s show is Dena Patton, founder of Chat, Chew and Chocolate… which is all about providing fun, friendship and inspiration for busy Superwomen. So how does a female focused company about making some “me Time” capture women’s attention when they have so little of it to give? – Maria Reitan

Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations – PurseStrings Tues. 3pm EST – right here!

My guest Tuesday is Jane Buckingham, founder of Trendera, an innovative marketing and media consulting firm focusing on digital and non traditional trend forecasting. She’s the author of the best-seller “The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life” and is anticipating her newest book out this spring, “The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations.” We’ll be talking […]

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