Purse Strings – Launching Niche Products on a Shoestring Budget

Show correction this week. Dear listeners, we apologize for the error in our episode listing for this week. The show for this week featured Jennifer Letscher, the Founder of Skweet. Jennifer created Skweet, a Sport Bottle Wash which cleans your bottles using only all natural, non-toxic ingredients. During the show Jennifer gave her insights into […]

Boomer Consumer – Purse Strings – 3pm EST Tuesday – right here

Tomorrow, I’ll be speaking with Matt Thornhill, founder and president of The Boomer Project. The Boomer Project is America’s leading authority for information and insight about toda’s Boomer Consumer and the fast-growing 50+ market. We’ll be talking about how to connect with Boomer women.

Best Buy Offers Women Smart Fitness Solutions – Just in Time for New Year’s

By Stephen Reily Several years ago, Best Buy declared it was trying to serve women better. A new health/fitness initiative suggests they are actually getting it right. Old stereotypes assumed women weren’t as interested in consumer electronics as men were, so companies like Best Buy spent their marketing resources on “gear heads” with product-oriented offerings. […]

Talking to the Boomer Women about Sex …

…. means realizing she isn’t old By Stephen Reily The internet is full of double standards, but few are so glaring as that way it handles sex. At VibrantNation.com we regularly generate surveys, host conversations, and publish digital content about sexual health and the real sex lives led by Baby Boomer women. But no one […]

hearditfromamom.com on PurseStrings – Tuesday 10/26 3pm EST right here!

My guest Tuesday (10/26) on PurseStrings is Kevin Burke – of Lucid Marketing and hearditfromamom.com. Kevin is keeping us on the Mom topic. We’ll be talking about how marketers are missing the boat in their connections with mom. – Maria Reitan

Wonderbranding’s Michelle Miller – on PurseStrings – this show postponed

Next Tuesday, I’ll be speaking with Michele Miller, co-author of The Soccer Mom Myth and force behind the marketing blog Wonderbranding. We’ll be speaking about the natural advantages of women, how we can put those advantages to best use and what marketers need to know about them. – Maria Reitanhttp://www.reachingwomendaily.com/wp-admin/edit.php

Reality of Working Women … PurseStrings, Tuesday 3pm EST – right here!

My guest this week is Mya Frazier, content director at Engauge. Mya recently authored a white paper in Ad Age called “The Reality of the Working Woman… her impact on the female target beyond consumption.” We’ll be talking about how women are changing the work force, but how life at home hasn’t changed and what […]

Women & the Influence of Design – 3 tips – PurseStrings 7/13 LIVE 3pm EST – right here

– Missed the show? Find the podcast in our PurseStrings archive – left side of this page, under “Recent Posts”. Tuesday I will be speaking with Renita Van Dusen, Founder and CEO of Affina … a strategic design firm that specializes in marketing to women. We’ll be talking about the influence of design on women […]

Shiny New Things – the Power of Early Adopters – Purse Strings – Tuesday 3pm EST – right here

My guest for Tuesday’s show is Laura Rich – journalist, author of a white paper Shiny New Things that was just featured in Advertising Age. It’s all about the power of the early adopter to influence others and why marketers need to know who these people are in their industry.

Life’s Little Imperfections – How Marketers can Help – PurseStrings 4/20 3pm EST – tune in here

On Tuesday’s show, I’m talking with Lucy Danziger, editor-in-chief of Self. Danziger has been featured on several television shows, including Today, The View and Good Morning America. She also keeps a daily blog on the Self web site titled True to my SELF.

Danziger has co-authored a book with Dr Catherine Birndorf called The Nine Rooms of Happiness: Loving Yourself, Finding Your Purpose, and Getting over Life’s Little Imperfections. She’ll share how everyone woman can achieve her own brand of happiness and how marketers can help.

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