Talking to the Boomer Women about Sex …

…. means realizing she isn’t old By Stephen Reily The internet is full of double standards, but few are so glaring as that way it handles sex. At we regularly generate surveys, host conversations, and publish digital content about sexual health and the real sex lives led by Baby Boomer women. But no one […]

Vibrant Nation – Boomer Women – PurseStrings – 11/23 3pm EST – right here

Tuesday on PurseStrings, I’ll be speaking with Stephen Reiley of Vibrant Nation – we’ll talk about the boomer woman and how marketers are missing the mark on her. Maria

Starting Over at 50 in Beauty

In these precarious economic times, starting over at 50 brings to mind lost jobs, lost homes and broken nest eggs. When it comes to women and beauty, however, starting over at 50 means something altogether different. It means starting over with many aspects of their personal care routine and learning how to care for a body, hair, skin and face that are undergoing fundamental physical transformation – whether it’s hormonal, cellular or even plastic.

Boomers are Big Spenders … In Restaurants

By Marti Barletta It seems that Boomers spend more per person on restaurant meals ($1,077 each) than than any other age group according to the National Restaurant Association.  Given their busy schedules and high incomes that shouldn’t be too surprising. It seems that they are also the most quality-minded, least value conscious and most interested […]

Why Boomers are the Greenest Generation

By Marti Barletta You may think that Boomers “buy green” because they are “older shoppers” who are spending more time in the store, looking at packaging and reading product claims, which suggests you think of Boomers as retired people who have plenty of leisure time and nothing better to do than read that oh-so-fascinating package […]

Couples Can Be Cliché — Boomer Women (aka PrimeTime Women™)

By Marti Barletta Portray her as independent – couples can be cliché.  Not all women 50+ have partners.  Show her with a vibrant set of peers.  Girlfriends will become increasingly important if she’s widowed, divorced or single.  Women tend to outlive their husbands and remarry less frequently than men; friendships are key.  Another group she’ll […]

Joy Ott – Wells Fargo Bank – on PurseStrings – LIVE

– missed the show? podcast will appear soon – Joy Ott, Regional President for Wells Fargo Bank and national spokesperson for Women’s Business Services with Wells Fargo and Company, will talk about marketing to the woman small business owner.

Web 2.0, Boomers and the Caregiving Epidemic

By Mary Brown “There are only four kinds of people in this world… Those who have been caregivers Those who currently are caregivers Those who will be caregivers Those who will need caregivers” — Rosalynn Carter, 1997 The “typical” caregiver in the U.S. is a 46-year-old female who works outside of home and spends more […]

Get Real (not Ideal) … Boomer Women (aka PrimeTime Women™)

By Marti Barletta Realize that beauty comes before, during and after age. Women don’t want to be super models. Older women don’t want to deny their age, they want to value their “real selves” and seek authenticity. Feature “real” not “ideal” people that women 50+ can relate to in your materials. Attractive yet average, women […]

Fifty Isn’t What it Used to Be — Boomer Women (aka PrimeTime Women™)

by Marti Barletta Fifty isn’t what is used to be – it’s better.  Much better!  Think Diane Keaton or Madonna not Whistler’s Mother.  Forget the outmoded image of granny in a rocking chair and look in the boardroom or fitness center.  Boomers are entering a stage of life in which they are free from old […]

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