Digital Moms are on the Move

Moms have always been purchasing agents for their households; now they have digital tools to do it.

Where are the Wiki Women? – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi A few days ago, a Wall Street Journal blog revealed that a study of Wikipedia users showed that only 13% of contributors to the site were women, and that 31% of just readers of the site were women.  The contributors figure is perplexing to me, and the blog offered nothing in the […]

Women are Core to Online Games: Purse Strings Tuesday 3pm EST Live

Laura Fortner, SVP of marketing and insights for CafeMom …the largest online community for moms. Laura was on earlier this year with RazorFish – discussing CafeMom’s joint study called Digital Mom. Now she’s back, talking about women and gaming. Why are women becoming so core to online games?

Reaching Niche Audiences: The Mommy Ecosphere

By MaryLou Roberts A few days ago the topic of ‘mommy blogs’ came up in conversation. I first became aware of moms writing blogs when my daughter was home with her first baby. Mommy blogs weren’t a feature of motherhood when my children were young, but I remembered the impact of being transported from a […]

Digital Mom, Tuesday on PurseStrings – Live 3pm EST – right here!

Terri Walter, VP Emerging Media with Razorfish and Laura Fortner, SVP Marketing and Insights, CafeMom. Razorfish is one of the largest interactive marketing and technology companies in the world. CafeMom is the largest online community for moms. Terri and Laura will be talking to Maria Reitan and sharing the results of a joint, 2-part report […]

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi Yesterday, the Gallop organization released a poll on the change in American adult Internet usage in the past year.  Most of the results seem intuitive or unremarkable.  Frequent usage, defined as over an hour online per day, rose by five percentage points from 43% to 48%.  That’s not surprising given the increasing […]

Moms are Rating Everything. . .Well, Sort of!

by Dr. Mary Lou Roberts The Wall Street Journal just publicized a study of what researchers Penn, Schoen and Berland call the “New Information Shoppers.” It’s not surprising to those of us who’ve followed research on the growing importance of consumer ratings/reviews,  but it does indicate that the trend continues. It reminded me of a […]

Aliza Freud CEO of SheSpeaks – Tuesday LIVE on PurseStrings – right here 3pm Eastern

[HTML1] Today’s guest is Aliza Freud, CEO and founder of SheSpeaks. She just conducted a ground breaking research project on women and their use of social media. We’ll discuss social networking, blogger reach and other topics.

Granular “Micro-Precincts” And The Marketer

by Andrea Learned Whether you are a Gen X, businessman, parent of two grade school kids or a single, female, dog-loving Boomer, you’ve likely come across an ad that was targeted directly at you but completely missed the mark. How does that happen? Marketers will always fail when they work from a blanket-style hope that […]

Advertisers Reach Women Through Social Media

by Holly Buchanan Where are all the women at? This question has been asked for centuries by men. Now it’s being asked more and more by advertisers.The answer? The Internet.The Internet is proving to be the next great medium for advertisers trying to reach women. Websites targeting women are hot commodities, as are blogs and […]

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