Where are the Wiki Women? – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi A few days ago, a Wall Street Journal blog revealed that a study of Wikipedia users showed that only 13% of contributors to the site were women, and that 31% of just readers of the site were women.  The contributors figure is perplexing to me, and the blog offered nothing in the […]

How to Catch a Man – Men’s Grooming Market Set to Explode

Experts predict a surge in the men’s grooming market – just as they’ve been doing for the past decade. The men’s grooming market is only about one-fifth the size of the women’s market, according to Euromonitor. But if the men’s market is so dramatically underdeveloped, why has the oft-predicted explosion failed to materialize? Why is it so hard for men’s grooming brands to catch a man?

Digital Mom, Tuesday on PurseStrings – Live 3pm EST – right here!

Terri Walter, VP Emerging Media with Razorfish and Laura Fortner, SVP Marketing and Insights, CafeMom. Razorfish is one of the largest interactive marketing and technology companies in the world. CafeMom is the largest online community for moms. Terri and Laura will be talking to Maria Reitan and sharing the results of a joint, 2-part report […]

Aliza Freud CEO of SheSpeaks – Tuesday LIVE on PurseStrings – right here 3pm Eastern

[HTML1] Today’s guest is Aliza Freud, CEO and founder of SheSpeaks. She just conducted a ground breaking research project on women and their use of social media. We’ll discuss social networking, blogger reach and other topics.

Trend Watching – Live 3p Est

  Learn about trend watching plus who are Twisted Traditonalists and what kind of impact they will have on future generations with Nancy Robinson, VP Consumer Strategist of Iconoculture   Click to Listen Now Next Tuesday – Holly Buchanan talks to Maria about the Soccer Mom Myth – don’t miss!

“What if…” – Snaptell – Making Products Part of the Conversation

by Arthur Ceria – CEO – CreativeFeed What If? “What if…” is a column that gives brands and ad agencies a weekly heads-up on the next big technologies and ideas in the digital marketing space and provides competitive edge ideas to enable CEOs, brands and agencies to leverage these emerging technologies. This week’s featured Startup: […]

The Voice of the Interactive Customer

by Dr. Mary Lou Roberts Marketers know the importance of understanding their customers—listening to the “voice of the customer.” It’s even more crucial in the era of always-on communications and customer-generated content to be constantly in tune with what’s being said about brands wherever and whenever customers congregate. The term “voice of the customer” was […]

Strategizing for Engagement in Social Media

by Dr. Mary Lou Roberts The siren song of social media is that it’s really easy to do. An individual or a company can set up a MySpace or Facebook page, establish a presence in Second Life, or start a blog, to name only a few of the possibilities. The danger lies in entering the […]

Good Long-weekend Reads

To those of our readers who read my posts – I try to sneak some posts in between our fabulous writers – you know I am big on practical “how-to-lists”, “top-10 lists” and just interesting tid-bits of information – as I believe these sound-bites resonate with busy marketing professionals for their day-to-day work. In deciding […]

Generation Flex: Millennials are the Messaging Amplifiers

In Deloitte’s second “State of Media Democracy” survey, the younger generations of Americans – not surprisingly – are leading the way in embracing new technologies and creating a trickle up effect where older generations are learning from the younger ones. Fielded by independent research firm the Harrison Group in late October, this latest online survey […]

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