Purse Strings – Launching Niche Products on a Shoestring Budget

Show correction this week. Dear listeners, we apologize for the error in our episode listing for this week. The show for this week featured Jennifer Letscher, the Founder of Skweet. Jennifer created Skweet, a Sport Bottle Wash which cleans your bottles using only all natural, non-toxic ingredients. During the show Jennifer gave her insights into […]

Gail Evans on Women in the Workplace – Purse Strings 3pm EST – right here

Gail Evans is the best selling author of “Play Like A Man Win Like A Woman” and “She Wins, You Win.” Evans’ career is vast, beginning in government and culminating as the Executive Vice President of CNN. Evans began working with CNN at its inception in 1980 and was promoted to Executive Vice President for […]

Best Buy Offers Women Smart Fitness Solutions – Just in Time for New Year’s

By Stephen Reily Several years ago, Best Buy declared it was trying to serve women better. A new health/fitness initiative suggests they are actually getting it right. Old stereotypes assumed women weren’t as interested in consumer electronics as men were, so companies like Best Buy spent their marketing resources on “gear heads” with product-oriented offerings. […]

Van Gogh Blue – Sexy Vodka for Gals – PurseStrings – Today 3pm EST – right here

Tuesday, on PurseStrings I”ll be speaking with David Grzelak, Executive Director of Behavioral Brand Planning and Cultural Insights at Engague. Engauge is one of the nation’s largest independent marketing agencies, a total engagement agency that melds technology and creativity to ignite business growth for leading brands. David’s consumer insights inspired the successful and controversial launch […]

PurseStrings – 100th Show – Returns, 3pm EST today – right here

On February 8th, 2010, “PurseStrings,” the weekly marketing-to-women radio program on WebmasterRadio.FM, aired its 100th show since its debut in 2007. The “Best of PurseStrings” episode featured a compilation of some of the best shows throughout the past two and a half years. The show’s host, Maria Reitan, is senior principal and chair of the […]

Reflections on Brand Beauty

Vacation is over and everyone is looking to return to work trim and healthy, aglow with the radiance of the Summer sun. Everybody wants to look their best heading into Fall, naturally, or with the aid of beauty products.

Decision Day for LeBron

By Dr. Robert Passikoff LeBron James will end an unprecedented free-agent frenzy tonight by revealing whether he will remain with the Cleveland Cavaliers or sign elsewhere. James will announce his future NBA plans during a one-hour special on ESPN at 9PM, Thursday. Proceeds for sponsorship for the special will be going to the Boys and […]

Women’s Gray Matter Isn’t Pink? – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi This week’s Newsweek magazine had a column by science editor Sharon Begley that discussed a new book by neuroscientist Lise Eliot, entitled Pink Brain, Blue Brain:  How Small Differences Grow Into Troublesome Gaps – And What We Can Do About It.  The book throws doubt upon (debunks according to Begley) the many […]

Primitive Behavior – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi I’ve always been intrigued by prehistoric discoveries and how they can give us insight into the evolution of modern behaviors.  I subscribe to the belief that men’s and women’s basic behavioral tendencies evolved long ago and have not had enough time to evolve away from those primitive instincts that formed hundreds of […]

Recession Bust-ers – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi Sunday’s Washington Post had an article by TV journalists and authors of Womenomics, Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, that discussed a number of studies demonstrating how the presence of women in corporate upper management is correlated with better corporate performance.  They suggest that one way to boost the economy would be to […]

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