Mary Wilson, President of the League of Women Voters – 3pm Eastern – on Purse Strings

< Podcast Coming Soon – but check our widget , left column under Recent Posts < Today I’ll have Mary Wilson on the program. Mary is the President, League of Women Voters. We’re going to be talking women and politics… the importance of the female vote in 2008… women running for public office… and whether […]

Real You: “You betcha” folksy plays well with some of us in the heartland

By Kaira Sturdivant Rouda          But not all of us. You knew it was my duty as a citizen, and as Friday’s eBrand columnist, to comment on the most-watched Vice Presidential debate of all time, right? Well, not only am I your Friday columnist, I’m also writing to you from Comfortable Columbus, in the center […]

Alpha Panel Marketing and Influencer Women – Purse Strings

[HTML1] GINGER is a brand new marketing strategy firm in Minneapolis.  Their sweet spot is marketing to women. They have a custom panel of ahead-of-the-curve women in 10 markets in the US who keep them in touch with what women are thinking and doing on a host of subjects. On PurseStrings, find out what Ginger’s […]

The ConsumHERist – How the Media is Marketing the Republican Ticket

Women care. Women are the ones not only making donations but asking how they can help. They lead fundraisers and sit on community boards. And yes, many of these women work, have kids and still manage to make cupcakes for the school fundraiser. Women also get more emotional. They tear at Hallmark commercials and when […]

Is “Hockey Mom” the New “Soccer Mom”?

One of the main reasons Michele Miller and I wrote The Soccer Mom Myth was to help companies and marketers break through the stereotype of the Soccer Mom to better understand who women really are and why they really buy.    We’ve found that women don’t like the label “Soccer Mom.”   Yes, Soccer Moms are […]

How Savvy Consumers See Palin

by Andrea Learned Every four years, we Americans take our well-practiced consuming cleverness and leverage it to make decisions that will have much longer term national and global repercussions than our choices in material possessions. As consumers, many of us have learned to see marketing for what it is, and now demand much higher standards […]

Brand Palin

by Fara Warner Watching Sarah Palin nail her speech earlier this week did nothing to change my personal feelings about her–and her politics. But watching her deliver a strong, powerful speech that energized the Republicans in St. Paul gave me much to worry about.  Palin wasn’t just playing politics, she was playing branding–or her conservative […]

Real You: Balloon dropping, much huffing and puffing, but still not resonating

By Kaira Sturdivant Rouda Yes, this marketing-to-women community on eBrandMarketing is ferociously focused on Sarah Palin and what she means for: 1. women; 2. glass ceilings; 3. real messaging. Fara Warner, Delia Passi and others have written eloquently about whether the Republican VP pick was an overt pandering ploy to lure unsuspecting (uneducated or easily fooled?) […]

Sarah Palin: Wise Selection or Selling to Women Maneuver?

by Delia Passi I support women. I take pleasure in seeing other women succeed. My mantra is to always look back and see what women you have pulled up. I am delighted at the thought of a woman in the White House, one who isn’t hosting tea parties. Most voters would agree to the caveat […]

Paint McCain Pink

by Fara Warner My first reaction to John McCain’s vice presidential pick was: slam dunk. Why? Because I’ve been saying for weeks that both candidates have to win over white suburban women–and not only the women who are Hillary Clinton supporters. Sarah Palin is the kind of women other women can like–especially married women with […]