Recession Bust-ers – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi Sunday’s Washington Post had an article by TV journalists and authors of Womenomics, Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, that discussed a number of studies demonstrating how the presence of women in corporate upper management is correlated with better corporate performance.  They suggest that one way to boost the economy would be to […]

Are Down Economy Commercials Getting You Down?

Over the last few months we’ve been bombarded with messages like “America Needs a Comeback!” “If you lose your job, we’ll make your payments for you” “In times like these”…..are these messages effective right now?

Real You: Consumer Perception Drives Spending Habits in Down Economy

By Kaira Sturdivant Rouda Let’s hope the media puts a cheery costume on the economy this Halloween because perception is key to retail spending right now. Unfortunately, women (the vast majority of retail spenders) can’t easily be tricked. You’ll need to treat select consumer segments who are still in the buying spirit. According to Acxiom […]

Marketing to Women in a Recession

by Holly Buchanan Wow, it’s rough out there.  I was talking with a friend who’s a marketing director, and he’s faced with the daunting task of increasing new customers, finding ways to encourage existing customers to spend more money,  and he has to do it all with a recently reduced marketing budget. My advice to […]

The ConsumHERist – What’s New?

by Delia Passi A young lady I know recently went through a traumatic and tragic life event, which pulled her from her new and exciting college life and thrust her into the role of head of household almost overnight.  She went from worrying about making it to class on time and making good grades to […]

Where is the EMPATHETIC Marketing?

By Faith Popcorn, Founder Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve The recession is standing marketplaces on their ear.  Our recently completed Recession Survey  (1,011 representative Americans) discovered that from December 2007-May 2008, 42% of consumers gave up their favorite brand while 50% bought more private label products over the same period. I’d have thought that this kind of […]