Open a New (Wireless) Window

By Robert Passikoff News from the GSMA Mobile World Congress, Spain, the largest wireless industry event so far this year. Microsoft made quite a push to make its Windows mobile software as ubiquitous as its PC operating system. LG announced that they were going to significantly increase the number of handsets that will carry the […]

Talking to a deaf ear?

By Kaira Sturdivant Rouda  It’s every marketer’s dilemma. You have a great product, but what media channels will get her attention and lead to the sale? SMS texting, e-mail, smoke signals? It’s cluttered out there. If it was up to the consumer, what would she choose? According to new research, it’s good old e-mail and […]

Influencer, Mobile and Experiential Marketing – Purse Strings

[HTML1] Join Maria Reitan as she speaks today with Lisa Kovner, U.S. Director of Consumer Marketing at Dermalogica. Lisa will speak about influencer marketing, mobile marketing and experiential marketing – how all are keys to tapping the female head and heart, especially around such a personal topic as beauty.

Real You: Meet Your New Best Friend

By Kaira Sturdivant Rouda It’s here: the new, the improved—the affordable Apple iPhone. Companies have started to develop applications for the iPhone with a software development chip released by Apple. This will allow you to create programs consumers need and want without the feel of “in your face” advertising. Do you hear opportunity ringing? I […]

Get Out Your Blackberry/iPhone/Treo – It’s Time to Shop

Currently, there are three times as many mobile-phone subscribers (3.3 billion) as Internet users (1.3 billion) worldwide, but I bet you’re site’s not set-up to reach all those devices. A couple of weeks after a  survey by Opera showed eBay to be one of the most visited mobile sites,  Cisco released an  E-commerce Study that shows the Mobile […]

“What if…” – Snaptell – Making Products Part of the Conversation

by Arthur Ceria – CEO – CreativeFeed What If? “What if…” is a column that gives brands and ad agencies a weekly heads-up on the next big technologies and ideas in the digital marketing space and provides competitive edge ideas to enable CEOs, brands and agencies to leverage these emerging technologies. This week’s featured Startup: […]

Another Vote for Vertical Networks, The Problem with “Free”- and more from around the web

How To Make Proper Use Of Ad Networks, is a nice piece by Cory Treffiletti, written for Media Post warning that most media planners are using ad networks incorrectly and therefore inefficiently. Cory writes there are basically 3 types of network; the general networks – like Valueclick, Tribal Fusion, the behavioral networks – Blue Lithium, […]

Bargaining, Blackberry in Hand

Deep in the jungle of discount shopping at Filene’s Basement in NYC last week  I did some subversive shopping. A deeply discounted Catherine Malandrino black top boasted savings of more than 60% it was down to $60, but was that the lowest it would go?  I whipped out the blackberry and fired up Bonfire Media’s eBay […]

Generation Flex: Millennials are the Messaging Amplifiers

In Deloitte’s second “State of Media Democracy” survey, the younger generations of Americans – not surprisingly – are leading the way in embracing new technologies and creating a trickle up effect where older generations are learning from the younger ones. Fielded by independent research firm the Harrison Group in late October, this latest online survey […]

Around the Net: Top Ten Marketing Ideas for 2008, Advertising During Recession

Here is a list of Top 10 Ideas for marketers to consider, from Chief Marketer (plus one from me).

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