“What if…” – Snaptell – Making Products Part of the Conversation

by Arthur Ceria – CEO – CreativeFeed What If? “What if…” is a column that gives brands and ad agencies a weekly heads-up on the next big technologies and ideas in the digital marketing space and provides competitive edge ideas to enable CEOs, brands and agencies to leverage these emerging technologies. This week’s featured Startup: […]

Email, Mother of all Social Networks or just a Parallel Universe?

In Email Blows Away All Other Social Networks, Max Kalehoff makes a fairly straightforward case for email’s dominance as a communication platform. Quoting a recent Pew Internet & American Life Project survey which found that 91% of Internet users between the ages of 18 and 64 send or read e-mail, far more than any social […]

Generation Flex: Millennials are the Messaging Amplifiers

In Deloitte’s second “State of Media Democracy” survey, the younger generations of Americans – not surprisingly – are leading the way in embracing new technologies and creating a trickle up effect where older generations are learning from the younger ones. Fielded by independent research firm the Harrison Group in late October, this latest online survey […]

Happy Holidays from eBrandMarketing

Happy Holidays to all our readers and writers. While we won’t be disappearing over the holidays, we will be taking it a bit easier while also gearing up for an exciting New Year. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to eBrandMarketing since its inception for some really really great original posts, commentaries and […]

Experiment and Analyze

In Should Marketers Stop Talking About Advertising, our own Mary Lou Roberts in her DIY Marketing blog draws factful conclusions from several recent studies regarding the persistent migration of marketing spending away from more traditional media and towards interactive & social media in particular “emerging channels” which include blogs, social networks, advergaming and beyond. This […]

Is Video the New TV?

From the beginning of the television era marketers have considered it the ultimate brand-building medium. Its tremendous reach coupled with the ability to deliver stunning visual imagery in the context of a compelling message (when we could find one) created awareness and built brands. An article in today’s WSJ Online points out that demand for […]

Found Around the (Marketing) Neighborhood

Lee Odden gives us something for the toolbox in Guide to Twitter as a Tool for Marketing and PR, the title says it all. With Today’s Trends Leave a Woman’s Footprint, in the Huffington Post, our own Andrea Learned talks about the how the trends apparent in today’s marketplace from, “green” to “authenticity,” reflect the […]

Welcome to eBrandMarketing!

eBrandMarketing is designed to bring our readers highly relevant and usable information — from the most talked about news and events in the marketing, media and advertising arenas, to topics that touch our day- to-day work and help us plan for tomorrow. There is a lot of great content on the web for marketers – […]