Social Networking – Can You Combine Professional and Personal?

A friend of mine  who had a Facebook page during her school years recently put up a new page to handle her professional life.    Natalie Hart at FutureNow shared her dilemma of whether she should separate her personal and professional Facebook life. This week I created a new Facebook account. Having made my original Facebook account […]

A Whopper of a Blunder – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi A few weeks ago I saw a news item announcing a new campaign for Burger King, crafted by the award winning agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky. The campaign, via an application that you would install on your Facebook profile, encourages users to “de-friend” people who had been “friended” by you previously, in […]

Brands Enter Here

by Glenn Geisendorfer & Gabe Goldman The economy has now redefined accessibility for the global brand. In the past, to access a brand was to understand price and availability. In the coming year you’ll see a flood of “innovations”, new categories of products and all sorts of other methods, severely hampered by this old method, […]

Real You: Are you engaging your Tweeps?

By Kaira Sturdivant Rouda          I have officially jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. As a newbie to Twitter, I have spent hours reading articles and reviewing how companies are using Twitter to build their brands and interact with their consumers. Through this process, I have picked up a few tips:  Learn how to communicate. Yes, […]

Social Media “Starting the Conversation” – View Show Here

Mary Lou Roberts speaks at the Conversational Marketing Summit at BrightTalk on ways companies new to social media can use social media for communications – a great guide for “Starting the Conversation”.  For a copy of the Slide Presentation – Click Here. To view the show …..  Just

Mine Social Media for More Persuasive Messaging to Women

By Holly Buchanan It’s that time of year again.  Tis the season for predictable cliche ridden holiday copy: “Put a smile on a child’s face” “”The gift on everyone’s list” “Show her how much you love her.” I spent many many years of my life as a copywriter. So, believe me, I know it’s tough […]

Which 2008 Campaigns Won with Women? One Week Left to Vote!

It’s Time for the 2008 Marti Awards! Popular Speaker, Author and Consultant – Marti Barletta (yes Marti also writes for ReachingWomenDaily) and her team at The TrendSightGroup, a consulting think tank that helps companies get smart about Marketing-to-Women, are asking marketing and advertising Pro’s to give their opinions on those 2008 campaigns that resonated well […]

Motrin Moms Are Giving Brand A Headache

by Holly Buchanan The beautiful thing about social media is that it allows customers and brands to have a two-way conversation.  Before, brands talked at customers, and that was that.  Now, blogs, Youtube, Twitter and other platforms have given customers a voice in the conversation. Well, moms are certainly speaking up about Motrin’s new video […]

Talking to a deaf ear?

By Kaira Sturdivant Rouda  It’s every marketer’s dilemma. You have a great product, but what media channels will get her attention and lead to the sale? SMS texting, e-mail, smoke signals? It’s cluttered out there. If it was up to the consumer, what would she choose? According to new research, it’s good old e-mail and […]

Influencer, Mobile and Experiential Marketing – Purse Strings

[HTML1] Join Maria Reitan as she speaks today with Lisa Kovner, U.S. Director of Consumer Marketing at Dermalogica. Lisa will speak about influencer marketing, mobile marketing and experiential marketing – how all are keys to tapping the female head and heart, especially around such a personal topic as beauty.

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