What is the Luxury Consumer Consuming? Tuesday LIVE 3pm EST

What is the luxury consumer consuming? Listen in on the latest purchasing trends of this niche consumer, the domino effect on the overall economy, and the all-important upcoming holiday shopping season. What is the luxury consumer consuming? Purse Strings Oct. 6th.

Here Comes the New ‘Mom-acracy’

By Greg Furman, Founder/Chairman of The Luxury Marketing Council America is Quickly Moving to a New “Momacracy” A telephone survey of 100 CEO Luxury Marketing Council members and, separately, a spring survey by PR firm Fleishman-Hillard, strongly suggest that America is moving to a New Matriarchy. Women in the luxury arena in the last 15 […]

Luxury Industry, from Tower of Babel to a Future of Exclusivity

From the perspective of the luxury merchant and the wealthy consumer, what used to be a simple communication of social status has become very complex: There are more communicators (more wealthy) in more places (globalization) with more choices regarding how to communicate (luxury alternatives) than ever before. If luxury is the language of wealth, the luxury industry has become a Tower of Babel.

Luxury Industry – Beyond the “Deer in the Headlines” Fear Factor

Luxury Institute‘s Wealth and Luxury Trends — 2009 and Beyond by Milton Pedraza, CEO As the Luxury industry enters 2009, some luxury executives look like deer caught in the headlines-paralyzed by the terrifying headlines and by declining sales. Yet, genuine luxury purveyors know that luxury is, and always has been, a cyclical business. They see […]

Betting On A Little Luxury In A Bad Economy

Amidst all the scaling back of late, two big-deal companies are placing bets that consumers want some luxury – on small items and at pared-down prices. CVS recently announced that it would test a high-end beauty shop, called “Beauty 360,” next to some of its drugstores. The stores are set to carry luxury skin care, […]

Googling Luxury

Luxury Institute Survey Finds Wealthy Americans Flocking to The Web for Luxury Shopping, Search Engines are a Popular First Stop by Milton Pedraza Advice from friends or family carries considerable weight in shaping spending decisions, but many wealthy consumers are turning to the Web for much of their education on potential high-end purchases, findings which […]

Education Matters, Especially for Women

by Fara Warner Two weeks ago on May 8, I gave a speech on the global power of the purse at the Marketing to Women conference in Chicago. From what I could tell from questions from the audience, discussions afterward and the applause (thank you), it was a success. But what continues to surprise me […]

Courting The Wealthy Woman

by Milton Pedraza – CEO The Luxury Institute She’s educated, employed, and controls the lion’s share of spending in wealthy households. Nine of ten times she is married, or living with a life partner. Her responsibilities often include working at a high-paying job or running her own business while also caring for a child or […]

Slowdown Grinds Into Luxury

by Milton Pedraza Recession is all but official as luxury retailers’ sales go soft in 2008 along with consumer confidence, jobs, and the housing outlook. Real estate foreclosures are up, prices are down. Stiff headwinds continue to buffet luxury firms. Neiman Marcus says that comparable sales in February tumbled 7.3 percent from a year ago […]

Keeping and Eye on Celebrity Design Collections

by Robert Passikoff A recent study has shown that many celebrities, i.e., actresses and models have taken to launching their own design ventures, but no big surprise there. With product differentiation more and more difficult to come by, and agents and managers seeking new revenue streams for their clients, what could be more practical? After […]

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