Mother’s Day Becomes Universal – Men Spend More than Women on Mom

With nine out of 10 consumers (90%) planning to celebrate Mother’s Day, retailers should have reason to celebrate.Although the average anticipated spend has not increased only $7.00 since 2007, celebrants intend to spend an average of $140.00 on Mom this year. Men intend to spend more than women, reporting an anticipated average “spend” for celebrating […]

As The Pendulum Swings: Men Are the New “It” Shoppers

by Andrea Learned You know how the pendulum swings, don’t you? It starts with huge arcs of differences in opinions, perspectives and ways of doing things, and slowly calms itself down with smaller arcs of movement and a more steady hum to its swing. Well, I see a marketing equivalent. For years and years, the […]

News Bytes: Online Magazine Brands, How Men Shop

Where the Boys Are in the Mall? (no, this is not geo-location for teenage girls) the answer… not where you might assume, according to a recent Harris Interactive study commissioned by Men’s Health magazine. Despite the popular cliché, men actually do like to shop. Perhaps not quite the fashionistas, men are buying fewer suits but […]

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