Kleenex Invites You to “Get Mommed”

I have to tell you, I love this concept. Who among us does not have moments when we just want to “get mommed.” We’re feeling sick and want some compassion and care. We feel like the world is against us and we just want to talk to someone who loves us no matter what we do. Sometimes, we just need a hug.

GM vs. Ford – Who Wins with Women?

By Holly Buchanan Two auto ads caught my attention recently; one from Ford, the other from GM. Here’s why Ford came out the clear winner in marketing to women. Here’s the Ford TV ad featuring Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe.  He’s talking about the Cash for Clunkers program. In this ad Mike sounds almost…well….credible.   Is it […]

Update on Marriott and Rape Case

Marriott’s PR efforts took a step in the right direction last week after the uproar over the case of a woman who was raped in the parking lot of a Marriott Hotel in Stamford, CT.

Marriott Blames Rape Victim

By Holly Buchanan I don’t know if all the facts are out yet, but it doesn’t look good for Marriott. A woman was raped at gunpoint in the parking lot of the Marriott Hotel in Stamford, CT.   The woman filed a lawsuit claiming the hotel failed to prevent the 2006 attack.   It was the lawyers handling […]

Do Men and Women Have Different Design Preferences?

Whenever I’m in a meeting about website design, I hear terms like “good design,” “bad design,” “professional design,” “unprofessional design.” It always makes me ask the question – how do you know?

In my marketing to women online research, it’s been hard to find credible research on what website designs appeal to men and to women. I have three big questions:

OMG! Over Forty and Still Fashionable

By Holly Buchanan I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a bold statement. Most women over 40 enjoy wearing stylish clothes that make them look and feel good.  And they’re willing to spend good money to do it. OMG – Get out! What could cause me to spout such blasphemy?  It’s the […]

Liberty Mutual – Doing the Right Thing?

By Holly Buchanan Let me ask you a question – if you are a big name insurance company, do you want people coming to your website and duking it out with personal opinions about Octomom, teen pregnancy, spying on your kids and whether your school should be allowed to put on a production of the musical […]

Why You Need Women On Your Creative Team

By Holy Buchanan Ok, it’s a stat that’s been beaten to death, but women make or influence 80% of all purchases. Here’s why I’m trotting it out one more time – women are the majority of purchasers of most products, so your advertising needs to resonate with them. One of the top reasons why advertising […]

Men Are from “Mars”, Women Are From “Hershey”

by Holly Buchanan It has been suggested that men and women are from different planets.  Well, from the research I’ve done over the past four years, I can vouch for the fact that we sometimes speak different languages. Women and men often have a different communication style, using different words.   Some words and phrases favored […]

Does Supporting Causes or Cutting Prices Win With Today’s Consumer?

By Holly Buchanan We keep hearing about consumers who are switching brands to lower priced options to save money during the down economy.    So I was curious – should brands continue to support worthy causes?  Does that still matter to today’s shoppers?   Or are shoppers saying, “I have to vote with my head over my […]

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