BP – Brand, Business and Culture Misalignment

Branding is all about creating alignment of your company’s business processes with its corporate culture. British Petroleum (BP) provides a case in point of a brand that got way out front of its business process and culture to produce tremendous exposure to risk.

Earth Day – Top 25 “Green” Companies

By Robert Passikoff Forty years after the first Earth Day, greater pressure is being applied to brands to address environmental problems along with the problems of dirty clothes, financial services, technology, and convenient, quick- serve meals. Yes, more consumers hear the phrases “fuel-efficient,” “organic,” “energy-efficient,” “natural,” “green,” and “sustainable” more these days, consumers are on […]

The Green Mom Eco-Cosm: PurseStrings LIVE 3pm EST today – right here!

Angela Walseng, partner with the Social Studies Group, and Andrea Learned (author, blogger and gender insights/marketing to women thought leader) partnered on a research project that has lead to a white paper entitled: The Green Mom Eco-Cosm: A social study into their motivations, convictions and influence. The research focused on uncovering the various levels of […]

Big Green Purse – Easy and Simple “Going-Green” for Everyday Consumers

[HTML1] Joining me is Diane MacEachern, the author of Big Green Purse: Use Your Spending Power to Create a Cleaner, Greener World.  Diane is passionate about empowering women to use their marketplace clout to protect the environment.  Diane introduces us to an exciting new program that can help everyday consumers go ‘green’ easily and simply.

Will Wal-Mart’s Green Jewelry Be The Social Responsibility Tipping Point?

We’ve been expecting this. At a BlogHer discussion last weekend, moderator Susan Wagner said one of the three main trends she saw was green beauty. (Another was renewing and recycling clothes.) On SheFinds.com, we’ve been spotlighting “eco-chic.” And now Wal-Mart is jumping into green fashion, with a traceable jewelry line called Love, Earth. According to […]

How Green Will She Go?

In a meeting with our investors from Greenscape Capital last week one of the partners asserted that in the future wearing a non-organic cotton shirt will be as heinous as if he lit up a cigarette mid-meeting. It’s a vision I buy into, but I question how quickly it’s going to happen. Currently a pair […]

The ‘Green Mommy’ Ecosystem

by Dr. Mary Lou Roberts Awhile ago I wrote a series about the ‘Mommy Ecosystem.’ The mommy blogs and communities constitute a vibrant extended community that marketers can monitor and reach through specialized advertising networks. I’ve also recognized that this particular ecosystem is becoming greener. An article in the Baltimore Sun talks about the steps […]

How “Green” and a Bad Economy Influence A Woman’s Buying Path

by Andrea Learned I just got back from the local natural grocery store with a bottle of bio-correct bleach, and it made me realize how significantly my personal shopping patterns have changed in the past, say, ten years. While I have long been a vegetable fan, I now take it a bit further, by trying […]

Green Steps At Banana Republic: Lessons for All

by Andrea Learned Women are much more likely to notice initiation and baby steps toward better service and more relevancy. Such things are simply a part of their more holistic buying minds. In relationships, for instance, women really do appreciate the garbage-taking-out and sock-picking-up efforts of their partners. In the consumer market, too, women realize […]

SiiTE Interactive’s Adventures with “Green” Websites, and some Tips to Make them Work

by Alan Ruthazer As companies rush to go green, determining the right approach to creating effective web-based communication that will capture the spirit of environmental conservation becomes crucial to the success of website initiatives. In recent months SiiTE Interactive, NYC, has developed several websites that help promote green thinking for clients like Lexus, Toyota, Chevy, […]

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