DOOCE on Purse Strings – Tuesday 3pm EST – right here!

My guest for Tuesday’s show is Heather Armstrong, the power blogger, author, and HGTV personality. Heather is arguably one of the most powerful blogger in the United States …. Her blog Dooce draws 157,100 of visitors monthly. That puts Dooce in the top 10 blogs. Armstrong was featured by Forbes magazine among 30 honorees on […]

Kodak Captures Mom’s Attention – PurseStrings – Tuesday 3pm EST – right here

My guest Tuesday is Susan Stoev, director of current products at Kodak. Kodak is this year’s sponsor of the Marketing to Moms conference and we’ll be talking about Kodak’s approach to capturing Mom’s attention and driving her to purchase.

Savor the Success – PurseStrings – June 8 – 3pm EST -right here!

My guest next Tuesday is Angela Jia Kim with Savor the Success… a brand new publication that launched just last month. This magazine with a twist – as she describes it, is all about women entrepreneurs. – Maria Reitan

The New Female Consumer: The Rise of the Real Mom, PurseStrings Tuesday 3pm LIVE – right here!

My guest Tuesday is Ann Mack, director of trend spotting at JWT. Ann oversees trends analysis, thought leadership and other content initiatives. She joins me to talk about the white paper she released with co-author Marissa Miley, a Manhattan-based journalist and new York Times best-selling author, who is a former staff writer at Advertising Age. This white paper was recently showcased in Advertising Age… its entitled: The New Female Consumer: The Rise of the Real Mom.

Dialogues Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Unless you’ve been living under a rock only Harry Winston could afford or ignoring posts by one of my partners in crime, you’ve seen the statistic touting “85 percent of all brand purchases are made by women.” But did you know that 85 percent translates to something like $7 TRILLION in spending power?

Is “Good” the new “Sexy”?

By Christine K. Ryder There is no shortage of “sexy” ads and, much to the delight of 20-25 year-old males, plenty of brands have gone the “butts and boobs” route to grab attention in their ad campaigns. I’m a fan of the campy, hyperbolic ones like those from Axe body spray or the classic Miller […]

The Green Mom Eco-Cosm: PurseStrings LIVE 3pm EST today – right here!

Angela Walseng, partner with the Social Studies Group, and Andrea Learned (author, blogger and gender insights/marketing to women thought leader) partnered on a research project that has lead to a white paper entitled: The Green Mom Eco-Cosm: A social study into their motivations, convictions and influence. The research focused on uncovering the various levels of […]

Digital Moms are on the Move

Moms have always been purchasing agents for their households; now they have digital tools to do it.

Highlights from the M2Moms Conference – Purse Strings today 3pm EST

My guest this week is Elizabeth Frongemie, VP of Sales and Project Manager of M2Moms… PME Enterprises’ hallmark marketing to mom conference. It just wrapped October 22, and for those who did not attend, Liz will highlight some of the key insights into successfully marketing to moms today. – Maria Reitan

Kleenex Invites You to “Get Mommed”

I have to tell you, I love this concept. Who among us does not have moments when we just want to “get mommed.” We’re feeling sick and want some compassion and care. We feel like the world is against us and we just want to talk to someone who loves us no matter what we do. Sometimes, we just need a hug.

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