Is This the Right Time to Use Your CEO as a Spokesperson?

By Holly Buchanan I’m watching a news channel, hearing story after story about the mess on Wall Street and the unchecked greed of so many of these companies.  There’s heated talk about allowing these CEO’s and top executives to retain huge golden parachute packages despite running their companies into the ground. It brings back visions […]

Will Wal-Mart’s Green Jewelry Be The Social Responsibility Tipping Point?

We’ve been expecting this. At a BlogHer discussion last weekend, moderator Susan Wagner said one of the three main trends she saw was green beauty. (Another was renewing and recycling clothes.) On, we’ve been spotlighting “eco-chic.” And now Wal-Mart is jumping into green fashion, with a traceable jewelry line called Love, Earth. According to […]

Marketing and Ethics

By Tom Polanski Marketing created to exploit the uninformed is reprehensible. For better and for worse, depersonalization and anonymity are part and parcel of the web. Since online companies no longer have to live and work in the communities they sell their products and services too, they’re left with names and numbers without a human […]