Will Hillary-istas be Happy with SOS?

Ok, ok I know we diverged a bit for a marketing journal around election time and did some good ranting with our political views, but I saw this article by Tina Brown in her The Daily Beast, and just had to pass it around. According to Brown, “The political fate of both Clinton and Palin […]

In-bound from Obama: 10 Marketing Ideas for 2009

By Drew Neisser If you think the marketing challenges of 2009 look daunting, imagine for a moment you were Barack Hussein Obama back in 2007.  Being an unknown, untested, awkwardly-named black man with limited resources going against one of the biggest brand names in Democratic politics, you’d hardly anticipate a victory in the playoffs, much […]

Mary Wilson, President of the League of Women Voters – 3pm Eastern – on Purse Strings

< Podcast Coming Soon – but check our widget , left column under Recent Posts < Today I’ll have Mary Wilson on the program. Mary is the President, League of Women Voters. We’re going to be talking women and politics… the importance of the female vote in 2008… women running for public office… and whether […]