The Right Touch – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi A report on the website discusses the findings of a study that will soon appear in the Journal of Consumer Research, entitled The Effect of Mere Touch on Perceived Ownership, by Joann Peck and Suzanne B. Shu. In brief, the study reveals what is probably well known, but perhaps not proven, […]

Many Retailers Left at Altar as the Economy Slows Cupid

by Robert Passikoff Brand Keys Valentine’s Day Index Down 15 Percent Valentine’s Day will be the first major holiday of 2009 to feel the economic pinch. This year the average price consumers placed on love is $108.00, down 15% from last year. For our bi-annual Customer Loyalty Engagement Index, we asked 1,200 men and 1,200 […]

Muse Communications’ “The Best (and Worst) of 2008”

by P. Stockinger I recently received a link to a newsletter from Courtney Davis at Muse Communications in Belgium (small country, big ideas). Courtney is a member of the Marketing To Women Network Group on LinkedIn, which if you are involved in marketing to women, I urge you to join. Muse surveyed marketers for their […]

Men Buy, Women Shop – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi, with Greg Smalter The following entry consists of the first three of seven contributions written by myself and my husband for Readers Digest website, appearing last week.  We’ve left out some tips which can be found at their site. Mark and Maria (not their real names – their real names are Bud […]

From Pampers to Discovery Channel, the Winners of the 2008 Marti Awards

You Voted!  Here are the results! Today, The TrendSight Group announced the winners of the Marti Awards, named in honor of company founder, marketing guru, (and ReachingWomenDaily contributor) Marti Barletta. The “Martis” salute marketing campaigns that resonate with women, and this year’s winners come from a variety of fields. The 2008 Marti recipients are Pampers’ […]

31 Ways to Meet and Marry a Fabulous Customer – The ConsumHERist

By Delia Passi I couldn’t help but read this article as my daughter recently broke up with her boyfriend and being the drama queen is convinced that Mr. Perfect is only a figment of her imagination. I thought if I read the article I could share with her the 31 Ways to Meet a Quality […]

Around The Holidays, Your Potential Customers Are Moody

In the world of direct response television marketing – those commercials that urge viewers to “go to our website” or “call this number” – consumers get quite finicky around the holidays. According to a recent study, response rates don’t always correlate with the number of viewers – especially not around the holidays. For some reason, […]

File Under Making Lemonade: Market To The UK, Where Your T-Shirt Is Practically Free

A recent report from, a price-comparison service, has predicted that online shopping will account for 19 percent of all retail sales in the UK this year. The report also said that by 2020, 44 percent of sales will be made online, and that number will increase to over 50 percent by 2026 – which […]

Offline Sales Running on Empty

It looks like high gas prices pushing consumers to shop online more (and take advantage of free shipping deals – some savvy consumers there). JCPenny and Gap both reported dips in sales at their bricks and mortar operations in Q1, but they also reported even more substantial increases in online sales. Good news! In addition […]

Googling Luxury

Luxury Institute Survey Finds Wealthy Americans Flocking to The Web for Luxury Shopping, Search Engines are a Popular First Stop by Milton Pedraza Advice from friends or family carries considerable weight in shaping spending decisions, but many wealthy consumers are turning to the Web for much of their education on potential high-end purchases, findings which […]

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