Federated Media – Media Trends 2010 – PurseStrings – Tuesday 3pm EST, right here LIVE

My guest on PurseStrings this Tuesday will be Emily Goligoski. Emily works to develop strategic marketing programs for Federated Media, an online publishing company that represents Apartment Therapy, NOTCOT, and BoingBoing among other sites. We’ll be talking about trends that will be key for communicating with women in the marketplace in 2010. – Maria Reitan

Influence Marketing? Vertical Networks’ Opportunity, Recession Marketing Jitters

Holidays – albeit short ones – are good times to catch up on your reading – and if you did not, well, I did it for you and found a couple good reads you might enjoy. 1. A really good string of discussions (studies, articles & commentaries) on the myths and realities of viral marketing […]

News Bytes: Online Magazine Brands, How Men Shop

Where the Boys Are in the Mall? (no, this is not geo-location for teenage girls) the answer… not where you might assume, according to a recent Harris Interactive study commissioned by Men’s Health magazine. Despite the popular cliché, men actually do like to shop. Perhaps not quite the fashionistas, men are buying fewer suits but […]

Don’t hate me because I have a closet full of swag – I worked really hard to get all this free stuff.

A lot of people are ticked off about the recent New York Times article about beauty Bloggers getting gratis beauty products.  Jezebel and Gawker, self-proclaimed media experts, said:“disgraceful and foul that so many women would be so gaily complicit in the efforts of the large cosmetics companies to ever-fatten the profit margins gleaned by milking […]

Reaching Niche Audiences: Pushing the Message – part 3/3 part series

by Mary Lou Roberts Marketers need to achieve significant reach among desirable niche audiences to acquire new customers. That’s how I’m loosely using the term “push”– to get the message out and to use the responses for traditional CRM or community-building. Advertising networks are available for that purpose, and today verticals have taken center stage. […]

Reaching Niche Audiences: Pulling the Content – part II of a three-part series

by Dr. Mary Lou Roberts The numbers I quoted in part 1 of this series paint a fascinating picture of young mothers connected to one another by technology and common interests. We ended on the question, “How do marketers reach them?” Reaching targeted audiences, on and off the web, becomes a more significant issue every […]

Email, Mother of all Social Networks or just a Parallel Universe?

In Email Blows Away All Other Social Networks, Max Kalehoff makes a fairly straightforward case for email’s dominance as a communication platform. Quoting a recent Pew Internet & American Life Project survey which found that 91% of Internet users between the ages of 18 and 64 send or read e-mail, far more than any social […]

Happy Holidays from eBrandMarketing

Happy Holidays to all our readers and writers. While we won’t be disappearing over the holidays, we will be taking it a bit easier while also gearing up for an exciting New Year. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to eBrandMarketing since its inception for some really really great original posts, commentaries and […]

It’s All Good News for Product Reviews

Maybe I’m a selfish person. I don’t spend a great deal of time – aside from my own sites – writing product reviews. In fact I barely write reviews myself anymore and instead pay 40 freelancers for their poetic opinions on consumer goods. I do ask questions on Trip Advisor, Chow and at one point […]

Branding Power to the People

Marketers are all familiar with the underlying model of branding in the mass media. Depending on the author it looks something like Awareness>Familiarity>Positive Imagery>Transaction. We also recognized that it wasn’t entirely valid even in the mass media era. Behavior sometimes came before attitude. We had the high-involvement model (attitude precedes behavior) and the low-involvement model […]

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