Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi Yesterday, the Gallop organization released a poll on the change in American adult Internet usage in the past year.  Most of the results seem intuitive or unremarkable.  Frequent usage, defined as over an hour online per day, rose by five percentage points from 43% to 48%.  That’s not surprising given the increasing […]

Morning TV Survey Results – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi We recently surveyed the thousands of women in our MedeliaMonitor database on their TV morning show habits and opinions. 271 women responded, providing an interesting insight into what drives women to watch those perky morning hosts. 72% told us that they do watch morning shows, regardless of whether they are in the […]

We Don’t Shop Like You: Behavior Differences for Men vs. Women in Online Shopping

Mars and Venus lives on in the e-shopping experience. Check-out these 5 insights to male and female online shopping behavior. 1. Men Seek and Destroy, Women Gather information and Save Time True to their hunting heritage, men shop to kill. In studies guys talk of deals being sought and won, of possessing the advantage of […]

Generation Flex: Millennials are the Messaging Amplifiers

In Deloitte’s second “State of Media Democracy” survey, the younger generations of Americans – not surprisingly – are leading the way in embracing new technologies and creating a trickle up effect where older generations are learning from the younger ones. Fielded by independent research firm the Harrison Group in late October, this latest online survey […]

Declare War on Time-Based Marketing Costs

It had to happen. The industry consultant that helps marketers on agency fees is now going to complain about agency fees. The industry is mired now in complicated process, adding cost, time and complexity, and making it more difficult for marketers and agencies to build profitable relationships. What sorry road did we all walk down […]

Experiment and Analyze

In Should Marketers Stop Talking About Advertising, our own Mary Lou Roberts in her DIY Marketing blog draws factful conclusions from several recent studies regarding the persistent migration of marketing spending away from more traditional media and towards interactive & social media in particular “emerging channels” which include blogs, social networks, advergaming and beyond. This […]