P&G, a Dogs Best Friend

By Robert Passikoff We’ve all heard the maxim, “if you want loyalty, get a dog,” but there’s no one out there more loyal than pet owners. That being the case, P&G, the makers of Iams and Eukanuba dry dog foods, is recalling certain varieties of its dry pet foods as a precaution because the food […]

Social Media’s ability to Amplify our Generosity – PurseStrings Today 3pm EST – right here

Jody Turner, Founder and Lead Consultant, CultureofFuture.com will be on the program to share some unique insights how world events are impacting our society’s take on “generosity” and how social media is amplifying the cause.

Effective Cause Marketing

When is cause marketing most effective? When it is tangible. When you get to see the results of your contribution.

Kellogg Uses Facebook to Help Feed the Hungry

A lot of folks are walking around saying “I understand that social media is important, but does it really work? Is creating a fan page on Facebook really going to make a difference?”

In the case of Kellogg, the answer is a resounding “Yes.”

Johnson’s® Launches New Product Online – for a Cause

By MaryLou Roberts Yesterday I posted in DIYMarketing on the theme of corporations doing well by doing good. A recent article in Ad Age (subscription required) highlights yet another example that takes a more controlled, corporate-focused tack, but still engages in cause marketing. I wanted to share this with ReachingWomenDaily. Johnson’s® adult body care line […]

Does Supporting Causes or Cutting Prices Win With Today’s Consumer?

By Holly Buchanan We keep hearing about consumers who are switching brands to lower priced options to save money during the down economy.    So I was curious – should brands continue to support worthy causes?  Does that still matter to today’s shoppers?   Or are shoppers saying, “I have to vote with my head over my […]