NBC Universal – on Target Programming for Women – PurseStrings @3pm EST – right here

Tuesday on PurseStrings, I’ll be speaking with Maryam Banikarim, senior VP of NBC Universal Integrated Marketing, the group that spearheads targeted cross-platform media initiatives. She’ll share what exciting things NBC Universal is doing to connect with women and ensure their programming is on target.

11 for 11 : Brand & Marketing Trends for 2011

By Dr. Robert Passikoff Author Ursula Le Guin wrote that “legends of prediction are common throughout the whole Household of Man. Gods speak, spirits speak, computers speak.” What Ms. Le Guin left out were consumers. Consumers speak too. Volumes if you know how to read them. Predictive loyalty metrics allow marketers to decipher consumers’ emotions, […]

Duplicating Brand Success, Xerox Moving Up

By Robert Passikoff As seen in many product categories , copier brands find themselves in a state of flux. To begin with, there is the more accurate description of what today’s copiers actually are, however, that remains a mouthful; “multi-functional product office copier” doesn’t exactly roll trippingly off the tongue. And that’s just the copier […]

Reflections on Brand Beauty

Vacation is over and everyone is looking to return to work trim and healthy, aglow with the radiance of the Summer sun. Everybody wants to look their best heading into Fall, naturally, or with the aid of beauty products.

Gross-Out Food Wars

It started with KFC’s bun-less “Double-Down,” two pieces of fried chicken with a burger in the middle. Next came Friendly’s “Ultimate Grilled Cheese Burger Melt” – a hamburger between two grilled-cheese sandwiches.

Decision Day for LeBron

By Dr. Robert Passikoff LeBron James will end an unprecedented free-agent frenzy tonight by revealing whether he will remain with the Cleveland Cavaliers or sign elsewhere. James will announce his future NBA plans during a one-hour special on ESPN at 9PM, Thursday. Proceeds for sponsorship for the special will be going to the Boys and […]

Slouching Toward Brand Accountability

By James R. Gregory, Founder and CEO CoreBrand Many departments within a corporation will argue the need for accountability in marketing, but none steps forward to take ownership of how to account for brand equity. Theoretically, the CEO is responsible for the value of the corporate brand. Unfortunately, it is a rare CEO who understands […]

Put the Brand on the Balance Sheet

The idea of putting the corporate brand on the balance sheet is an audacious proposition. One that can revolutionize marketing, change the role of everyone responsible for the health of brands, and make the US more competitive in the world.

BP – Brand, Business and Culture Misalignment

Branding is all about creating alignment of your company’s business processes with its corporate culture. British Petroleum (BP) provides a case in point of a brand that got way out front of its business process and culture to produce tremendous exposure to risk.

The Limits of Loyalty – BP’s Oil Spill

By Robert Passikoff BP has spent years positioning itself as a friend of the environment, an energy company that goes “beyond petroleum,” a company that pledged to find cleaner ways to produce fossil fuels. They’re the company with the environmentally friendly green and yellow sunburst logo. That logo has stood along American highways as an […]

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