Couples Can Be Cliché — Boomer Women (aka PrimeTime Women™)

By Marti Barletta Portray her as independent – couples can be cliché.  Not all women 50+ have partners.  Show her with a vibrant set of peers.  Girlfriends will become increasingly important if she’s widowed, divorced or single.  Women tend to outlive their husbands and remarry less frequently than men; friendships are key.  Another group she’ll […]

Joy Ott – Wells Fargo Bank – on PurseStrings – LIVE

– missed the show? podcast will appear soon – Joy Ott, Regional President for Wells Fargo Bank and national spokesperson for Women’s Business Services with Wells Fargo and Company, will talk about marketing to the woman small business owner.

Men Buy, Women Shop – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi, with Greg Smalter The following entry consists of the first three of seven contributions written by myself and my husband for Readers Digest website, appearing last week.  We’ve left out some tips which can be found at their site. Mark and Maria (not their real names – their real names are Bud […]

Web 2.0, Boomers and the Caregiving Epidemic

By Mary Brown “There are only four kinds of people in this world… Those who have been caregivers Those who currently are caregivers Those who will be caregivers Those who will need caregivers” — Rosalynn Carter, 1997 The “typical” caregiver in the U.S. is a 46-year-old female who works outside of home and spends more […]

Ho-Ho-Holiday Shopping

by Delia Passi According to a recent survey by The Consumer Reports National Research Center there are big differences between men and women when it comes to holiday shopping.  If I may be so bold…Duh!  Have you been to the mall lately?  Of the men you see there, many are on leashes. Here are a […]

Get Real (not Ideal) … Boomer Women (aka PrimeTime Women™)

By Marti Barletta Realize that beauty comes before, during and after age. Women don’t want to be super models. Older women don’t want to deny their age, they want to value their “real selves” and seek authenticity. Feature “real” not “ideal” people that women 50+ can relate to in your materials. Attractive yet average, women […]

Fifty Isn’t What it Used to Be — Boomer Women (aka PrimeTime Women™)

by Marti Barletta Fifty isn’t what is used to be – it’s better.  Much better!  Think Diane Keaton or Madonna not Whistler’s Mother.  Forget the outmoded image of granny in a rocking chair and look in the boardroom or fitness center.  Boomers are entering a stage of life in which they are free from old […]

Which 2008 Campaigns Won with Women? Here’s your Chance to Vote!

It’s TIme for the 2008 Marti Awards! Popular Speaker, Author and Consultant – Marti Barletta (yes Marti also writes for ReachingWomenDaily) and her team at The TrendSightGroup, a consulting think tank that helps companies get smart about Marketing-to-Women, are asking marketing and advertising Pro’s to give their opinions on those 2008 campaigns that resonated well […]

Boomer Women (aka Prime Time Women™) by the Numbers

by Marti Barletta How do you capture the magnitude of the Baby Boom generation moving into midlife? No single fact or figure does the matter justice. In 2000, 37% of the adult U.S. population was 50 or older; by 2010 that percentage will rise to 43 percent. (New York Times, 25, July 2001)  In 2001, […]

Boomer Women (aka PrimeTime Women™) 101

by Marti Barletta Women 50+ represent a market force to be reckoned with.  I refer to them as PrimeTime Women™ for a couple of reasons.  Why?  They are in their prime — this is the healthiest, wealthiest, most influential generation of women in history. Terms like mature (overripe), middle-aged (frumpy) and senior (out to pasture) just […]

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