Don’t Make these Career Mistakes – Purse Strings – LIVE

Join Maria Reitan as she talks with Joy Hazucha about mistakes women make in their career development. Joy Hazucha is SVP, Leadership Research at PDI Ninth House, a premier global leadership solutions company. Due to “Hurricane Sandy” please find the show via this link today.

The End of Men and the Rise of Women – Purse Strings – 3pm EDT today – right here – LIVE

Today on PurseStrings I will be speaking with Hanna Rosin — she’s the author of The End of Men and The Rise of Women. She runs the Double X women’s site, part of Slate magazine, and is also a writer for The Atlantic. She shares how women’s rise of power is creating issues among genders. […], “digital marketing to women” – Purse Strings – 3pm EDT – Today!

On the show today, I’ll be speaking with Lolita Carrico, founder of She’s the original founder of We’ll be talking about digital media and it’s effects on marketing to women. – Maria Reitan