Boomer Consumer – Purse Strings – 3pm EST Tuesday – right here

Tomorrow, I’ll be speaking with Matt Thornhill, founder and president of The Boomer Project. The Boomer Project is America’s leading authority for information and insight about toda’s Boomer Consumer and the fast-growing 50+ market. We’ll be talking about how to connect with Boomer women.

BeJane’s Chief ‘Jane’ on PurseStrings – 3pm EST Tuesday – right here

Today on Purse Strings I’ll be speaking with Be Jane’s ‘Chief Jane’, Suzanne Horton. empowers women to take on the home remodeling project and change their homes, improve their lives at the same time. just relaunched. We’ll be talking about the economy’s impact on remodeling and how BeJane is meeting women’s need for […]

Chinese Women in the Workforce – PurseStrings – Tuesday 3pm EST – right here!

Tomorrow on PurseStrings, I’ll be speaking with Carol Evans, President of Working Mother Media which publishes Working Mother Magazine. Carol recently met with Chinese women there to better understand their work force challenges. We’ll be speaking about how China is navigating traditional versus contemporary women in the workforce.

The Latino Mom Busting Tradition – Purse Strings – Today 3pm EST – Right Here!

Today on Purse Strings, I’ll be speaking with Kate Muhl – VP consumer strategist, Demographics and Transportation/Travel/Leisure and Barbie Casasus – Sr. Dir. Consumer Strategist, Latino Markets and Fashion at Iconoculture, the trend watching organization. Barbie joined Iconoculture in 2005 and is a trend expert on Latin culture, cyber style, multiculturalist and fashion. Kate has […]

Office Depot – and Women Entrepreneurs – PurseStrings – Today 3pm EST – right here

Tuesday on PurseStrings, I will be speaking with Monica Luechtefeld. Monica is Office Depot’s Executive Vice President of Global E-Commerce. In her role, she oversees our global E-Commerce strategies and is responsible for delivering over $4.2 billion in online revenue for Office Depot. Her responsibilities include driving innovation and customer-driven features and functionality across the […]