How Women’s Progress is Reshaping America’s Families and Economy – PurseStrings – Tuesday 3pm EST

On the show today, I’ll be speaking with Heather Boushey & Ann O’Leary from the Center for American Progress. They are the co-authors of a recent report called Our Working Nation – How Women’s Progress is Reshaping America’s Families and Economy, explores how women’s transformative move from the home and into the workplace has impacted […]

Taking Women Owned Busineses beyond a $Million$ – PurseStrings – 3pm EST – Right Here!

On Today’s PurseStrings, I’ll be speaking with Dr. Marsha Firestone. Dr. Firestone is an award winning speaker, author, and educator. As founder and president of the Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) – for women who lead multi-million dollar businesses…. she oversees the strategic operations of more than 90 chapters focused on organizational growth and empowering members […]

PurseStrings LIVE – Gerry Myers of Advisory Link – 3pm EST

Tune in to PurseStrings today as Maria interviews Gerry Myers, CEO, President and Co-Founder of Advisory Link. Gerry is the former owner and president of the Myers Group – a consultancy specializing in marketing to women and helping companies hire, retain more female employees. Gerry was the first author to publish a book on the […]

Best Buy Offers Women Smart Fitness Solutions – Just in Time for New Year’s

By Stephen Reily Several years ago, Best Buy declared it was trying to serve women better. A new health/fitness initiative suggests they are actually getting it right. Old stereotypes assumed women weren’t as interested in consumer electronics as men were, so companies like Best Buy spent their marketing resources on “gear heads” with product-oriented offerings. […]

‘Groundswell’, ‘Open Leadership’ author, Charlene Li on Purse Strings, Tuesday – 3pm EST

Happy 2011 to our listeners!! This Tuesday, I’m speaking with Charlene Li- author of best selling book “Groundswell” and founder of the Altimeter Group. Charlene Li fills us in on her latest book entitled Open Leadership: How Social Technology Can Transform the Way You Lead. On this episode, Charlene tells us about her new book, “Open […]