War in the Boardroom – Purse Strings, 10/5 at 3pm EST – right here!

Next Tuesday’s, I’ll be speaking with Laura Ries, president of marketing consultancy Reis and Reis and co-author of “War in the Boardroom: Why left-brain management and right-brain marketing don’t see eye to eye and what to do about it.” Laura and her father, Al, tackled the differences between the approach and thinking style of marketing […]

The Good Brand Spokesperson

By Robert Passikoff L’Oreal announced a new addition to their roster of celebrity spokespeople this week, signing actress Julianna Margulies as a new ambassador and celebrity face for the brand. Ms. Margulies currently stars in the critically acclaimed TV series “The Good Wife,” for which she won a Golden Globe and SAG award for her […]

The Power of Women and How to Reach Them

By Dan Hill It’s an implicit equation that has hamstrung Western civilization for at least 300 years, and harmed the effectiveness of advertising equally. I’m referring to the equation that judges rationality as superior to emotions, with the former being the cherished fiefdom of male executives at major companies and the latter the touchy-feely and […]

Ladies who Launch – on Purse Strings – Today 3pm EST – right here!

My guest for Ttoday’s show is Victoria Colligan, founder – Ladies Who Launch – the word’s largest community of women entrepreneurs. Here about the global conference coming up in November. The Dream It! Launch It! Live It! conference is a distinctive, boutique conference experience that will help take women everywhere to the next level of their lives. We’ll also talk about how marketers should be engaging women who own their own businesses.

Kodak Markets to Mom – on Purse Strings – tomorrow 3pm EST right here!

Change of Program Tuesday, Maria chats with Susan Stoev, director of current products at Kodak. Kodak is the sponsor of the Marketing to Moms conference. Maria and Susan about Kodak’s approach to capturing Mom’s attention and driving her to purchase, and how to make this practical in any business.

Advertising’s Three Worst Faults

By Dan Hill The joke that nobody much laughs at in marketing circles is the one liner ascribed to John Wannamaker. “Half my advertising dollars are wasted, but I don’t know which half.” If only the reality of marketing was that good! Rigorous reviews of sales performance data by those willing to take an incisive […]

Wonderbranding’s Michelle Miller – on PurseStrings – this show postponed

Next Tuesday, I’ll be speaking with Michele Miller, co-author of The Soccer Mom Myth and force behind the marketing blog Wonderbranding. We’ll be speaking about the natural advantages of women, how we can put those advantages to best use and what marketers need to know about them. – Maria Reitanhttp://www.reachingwomendaily.com/wp-admin/edit.php

MUMSNET Turns 10- PurseStrings – 3pm EST – right here!

Tuesday on PurseStrings I’ll be speaking with Justine Roberts, the co-founder of Britain’s most powerful site – MUMSNET. Women’s voices are so strong and in Britain that fact was made known in a big way. The 10-year old site was at the center of that country’s last General Election. On PurseStrings, hear the secret behind […]

Reflections on Brand Beauty

Vacation is over and everyone is looking to return to work trim and healthy, aglow with the radiance of the Summer sun. Everybody wants to look their best heading into Fall, naturally, or with the aid of beauty products.

DOOCE on Purse Strings – Tuesday 3pm EST – right here!

My guest for Tuesday’s show is Heather Armstrong, the power blogger, author, and HGTV personality. Heather is arguably one of the most powerful blogger in the United States …. Her blog Dooce draws 157,100 of visitors monthly. That puts Dooce in the top 10 blogs. Armstrong was featured by Forbes magazine among 30 honorees on […]