Is “Good” the new “Sexy”?

By Christine K. Ryder There is no shortage of “sexy” ads and, much to the delight of 20-25 year-old males, plenty of brands have gone the “butts and boobs” route to grab attention in their ad campaigns. I’m a fan of the campy, hyperbolic ones like those from Axe body spray or the classic Miller […]

Accomplish Insightful Research in a Cash-Strapped Economy – PurseStrings – Tuesday 3pm EST right here!

Tuesday on PurseStrings, I’ll speak with Tom Anderson – Founder and Managing Partner, Anderson Anayltics. Tom has worked on product and market development projects across several countries and industries including financial services, telecommunications, packaged goods, and travel & entertainment. Tom provides hands-on personalized consultation, high-level advanced statistical and qualitative analysis, and actionable advice to Anderson […]

Valentine’s Day – The Power of Nostalgia in Marketing

By Dr. Bob Deutsch As we age our nostalgic yearnings grow, making us more receptive to advertisers and marketers use of what researchers call “a longing for positive memories from the past.” In addition to time’s arrow, this desire for nostalgia is further intensified by society’s present circumstance of receding predictability and opportunity. While science […]

PurseStrings 100th Show – “Best Of PurseStrings” – Tuesday LIVE 3pm EST – right here

Thanks for listening, if you missed the show, the Podcast will be posted soon. Congratulations to Maria Reitan on her 100th PurseStrings show! Our readers and listeners love the show which we air every week at 3pm EST right from our site. Maria has interviewed many of our featured contributors, from Andrea Learned & Holly […]

How Brands Should Appeal to Women

By Dr. Bob Deutsch In my work as a cognitive anthropologist I study how the mind works, how people “make meaning,” how people form attachments to things, how people make decisions. Decisions like how to select what to invest in, whether stocks or mates; why and under what conditions, people prefer Coke over Pepsi (or […]

The Green Mom Eco-Cosm: PurseStrings LIVE 3pm EST today – right here!

Angela Walseng, partner with the Social Studies Group, and Andrea Learned (author, blogger and gender insights/marketing to women thought leader) partnered on a research project that has lead to a white paper entitled: The Green Mom Eco-Cosm: A social study into their motivations, convictions and influence. The research focused on uncovering the various levels of […]