Federated Media – Media Trends 2010 – PurseStrings – Tuesday 3pm EST, right here LIVE

My guest on PurseStrings this Tuesday will be Emily Goligoski. Emily works to develop strategic marketing programs for Federated Media, an online publishing company that represents Apartment Therapy, NOTCOT, and BoingBoing among other sites. We’ll be talking about trends that will be key for communicating with women in the marketplace in 2010. – Maria Reitan

Loyalty; The First Great Gift We Can Bestow

While Santa has the backroom covered with his brilliant reindeer transportation system, and has never known an image problem, it’s his ability to create loyalty, generation after generation, that needs no research to verify. That’s one question even a child can answer.

Remodeling Motherhood – PurseStrings – Tues. 3pm EST – right here

My guest for Tuesday’s PurseStrings show is the author of a new book “This is not how I thought it would be: remodeling motherhood to get the lives we want today.” Kristin Maschka is the past president and national spokesperson for Mothers & More… a national organization dedicated to improving the lives of mothers. Today, […]

Consumer Trendscape 2010

Finally, the year we’d love to forget but can’t is over and new influences are coming into focus which promise to make marketers’ lives even more challenging. From skin care advances to Kaboomers’ growing market clout; the Trendscape continues to morph at an accelerating pace. Here’s a flash-forward on what’s in-store.

Tiger: Getting (and Giving) the Benefit of the Doubt

By Robert Passikoff In “When a Human Brands Bogies” last Tuesday we noted, “[sic Tiger] Woods as super-athlete cum Human Brand, resonates with values that sports fans and non-sports fan adore: skill, planning prowess, the ability to get of out of sand traps with a single stroke. PR traps, too. These values -beyond his ability […]

Marketing Health Care to Women – Purse Strings Tuesday 3pm EST – listen in right here

For Tuesday’s PurseStrings show, I’ll be speaking with Nan McCann – president of PME Enterprises – and founder of the Conference for Marketing Health Care to Women and its companion conferences, Marketing to Moms and Marketing to Women. With women’s healthcare spending estimated at $500 billion – roughly 90% of total U.S. expenditures – and […]