What she’s not telling you – Tracy Chapman on PurseStrings – Tues 3-m EST LIVE right here!

Tomorrow on PurseStrings I will be speaking with Tracy Chapman, co-author of the new book “What she’s not telling you: why women hide the whole truth and what marketers can do about it”

Pink Magazine on PurseStrings, Tuesday 3pm EST LIVE – right here

My guest on PurseStrings this week is Genevieve Bos …. Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of PINK magazine, Principal of Trade Wind Partners and an in-demand speaker. She joins me to talk about women entrepreneurs. Why we’re not successful as we could be and why the answer might just lay between our two ears.

Women Business Travelers – PurseStrings – Tues. 3pm EST, here!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) on PurseStrings, I’ll be speaking with Aurora Toth, VP of Marketing for Country Inns & Suites, who will share some new insights into women, business travel and how it’s not ALL work on the road.

When Gender Gets in the Way – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi I just learned of a debate regarding the need for a genderless pronoun.  There has apparently been much discussion about the need for a simple word to replace “he or she,” “he/she,” and so forth when speaking about the abstract person that can be of either gender (like a customer).  The politically correct want […]

Ms. Obamas Impact on the American Woman and Marketers: Purse Strings – 3pm EST

On Purse Strings this week my guest will be Cynthia Gordy, Washington Correspondent with ESSENCE magazine… The magazines first ever Washington Correspondent. She’s responsible for developing and maintaining key relationships with the Obama administration, the First Lady’s staff and cabinet level officers along with covering issues of importance to the African American community. She writes […]

Highlights from the M2Moms Conference – Purse Strings today 3pm EST

My guest this week is Elizabeth Frongemie, VP of Sales and Project Manager of M2Moms… PME Enterprises’ hallmark marketing to mom conference. It just wrapped October 22, and for those who did not attend, Liz will highlight some of the key insights into successfully marketing to moms today. – Maria Reitan