Pathways to Prosperity – Ginger on Purse Strings – Tuesday 3pm EST – right here

My guests tomorrow will be Mary Van Note and Beth Perro-Jarvis from Ginger. GINGER is a marketing strategy firm in Minneapolis. Beth and Mary have over 20 years of experience in finding consumer insights, apply new thinking to brands, and having success in the marketplace. We’ll be talking about their involvement in the U.S. State […]

Starbucks’ Via, Strikes a Cord with Marketers

By Kate Newlin Here’s my take: 1. There’s a PowerPoint someplace in Starbucks headquarters which outlines what percentage of the US population relies on instant coffee. Some sub-section of that instant-using universe does it for convenience and portability, but isn’t happy with it. 2. Someone noticed that very few of the instant coffee drinking folk […]

Brand Loyalty: Cell Phones trump Search Engines and Cosmetics

By Robert Passikoff Wireless handset brands iPhone (#1), Samsung (#2), and Blackberry (#4) accounted for a third of 2009’s top 10 Loyalty Leaders, in the 13th annual Brand Keys survey by Brand Keys. This year’s findings indicate that customer values intrinsic to technology brands were seen to best meet, and even exceed, customer expectations for […]

Engaging Women Effectively through Social Media – Purse Strings – Tuesday 3pm EST Live – right here

My guest on Purse Strings today is Lauren McCue, formerly Director, Integrated Marketing Programs, West Coast of MySpace. Previously, Lauren was Fleishman-Hillard’s Managing Supervisor of Global Social Media Practice Group – NGT. Lauren develops and builds out new/emerging practices within companies that allow for them to handle the ever-growing social landscape. Lauren and I will […]

Kleenex Invites You to “Get Mommed”

I have to tell you, I love this concept. Who among us does not have moments when we just want to “get mommed.” We’re feeling sick and want some compassion and care. We feel like the world is against us and we just want to talk to someone who loves us no matter what we do. Sometimes, we just need a hug.

What is the Luxury Consumer Consuming? Tuesday LIVE 3pm EST

What is the luxury consumer consuming? Listen in on the latest purchasing trends of this niche consumer, the domino effect on the overall economy, and the all-important upcoming holiday shopping season. What is the luxury consumer consuming? Purse Strings Oct. 6th.

Good Marketing that Really Sucks

By Robert Passikoff Everywhere you look the overbite is back in fashion. This time coming with more than just incisors in an extra-long and a strong distaste for garlic. Today’s vampire culture has evolved into a buff crowd of populars, seemingly as interested in cool couture as they are in blood donations. True Blood, the […]