Top 10 Brand and Marketing Trends for 2010

Niels Bohr once noted that “prediction is very difficult, especially about the future,” but then he didn’t have access to predictive loyalty metrics. Happily, Brand Keys does. And, as they measure the direction and velocity of consumer values 12 to 18 months in advance of the marketplace and consumer articulations of category needs and expectations, they identify future trends with uncanny accuracy.
Having examined these measures, we offer 10 trends for marketers for 2010 that will have direct consequences to the success – or failure – of next year’s branding and marketing efforts.

GM vs. Ford – Who Wins with Women?

By Holly Buchanan Two auto ads caught my attention recently; one from Ford, the other from GM. Here’s why Ford came out the clear winner in marketing to women. Here’s the Ford TV ad featuring Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe.  He’s talking about the Cash for Clunkers program. In this ad Mike sounds almost…well….credible.   Is it […]

Tiny Sharkey of on Purse Strings today – 3pm EST – live right here

Today’s guest on Purse Strings is Tina Sharkey of Tina and I will discuss what it is like to lead the world’s largest parenting site while being a BabyCenter mom herself.

Women’s Gray Matter Isn’t Pink? – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi This week’s Newsweek magazine had a column by science editor Sharon Begley that discussed a new book by neuroscientist Lise Eliot, entitled Pink Brain, Blue Brain:  How Small Differences Grow Into Troublesome Gaps – And What We Can Do About It.  The book throws doubt upon (debunks according to Begley) the many […]

Ms. Obama’s Impact on the American Woman and Marketers – Purse Strings 3pm EST, today – here live!

Today on PurseStrings I’ll be speaking with Cynthia Gordy, Washington Correspondent with ESSENCE magazine and the magazine’s first ever Washington Correspondent. She’s responsible for developing and maintaining key relationships with the Obama administration, the First Lady’s staff and cabinet level officers along with covering issues of importance to the African-American community. She writes a monthly […] on PurseStrings Today – 3pm EST live right here!!

Today on PurseStrings, I will be speaking with Trisha Haas, blogger and founder of … a community for moms who blog. Trisha is the blogger who first suggested the PR Blackout, which became quite a controversial topic of discussion last month. We’ll talk about her original intent and how the blackout turned out.

Where are the Wiki Women? – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi A few days ago, a Wall Street Journal blog revealed that a study of Wikipedia users showed that only 13% of contributors to the site were women, and that 31% of just readers of the site were women.  The contributors figure is perplexing to me, and the blog offered nothing in the […]