Making a Good First Impression on Women – Purse Strings – 3pm EST Tuesday – right here

Tuesday, our very own Delia Passi will be Maria’s guest on Purse Strings. As you know, Delia is a nationally recognized sales and marketing expert who is president and CEO of Medelia Inc. She founded WomenCertified and authored Winning the Toughest Customer: The Essential Guide to Selling to Women. She’ll be talking about what it […]

Cash for Clunkers – Top Green Car Trade-in Picks

If the car you own has a combined 18-mpg rating or below, you may qualify for the U.S. Government’s trade-in rebate program, aka “Cash for Clunkers.” If you qualify your old vehicle may be worth up to $4,500 towards the purchase or lease of a new, more efficient car.

Women and Their Online Habits – Purse Strings Tuesday 3pm Est

Tune in as Maria interviews Jessica Hogue, Research Director at Nielsen Online, which delivers independent measurement and analysis of online audiences, advertising, video, consumer-generated media, word of mouth, commerce and consumer behavior. Jessica and Maria will discuss a study called Power Moms… a look inside the online habits of women of influence.

Update on Marriott and Rape Case

Marriott’s PR efforts took a step in the right direction last week after the uproar over the case of a woman who was raped in the parking lot of a Marriott Hotel in Stamford, CT.

Primitive Behavior – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi I’ve always been intrigued by prehistoric discoveries and how they can give us insight into the evolution of modern behaviors.  I subscribe to the belief that men’s and women’s basic behavioral tendencies evolved long ago and have not had enough time to evolve away from those primitive instincts that formed hundreds of […]

Great Customer Care – on Purse Strings – 3pm Tues. Live right here

My guest for tomorrow’s show is Stormy Simon, Sr. VP of Marketing and Customer Care at We’re talking about how to ensure your customers keep coming back to you. The secret to great customer care.

Marriott Blames Rape Victim

By Holly Buchanan I don’t know if all the facts are out yet, but it doesn’t look good for Marriott. A woman was raped at gunpoint in the parking lot of the Marriott Hotel in Stamford, CT.   The woman filed a lawsuit claiming the hotel failed to prevent the 2006 attack.   It was the lawyers handling […]

Effective Cause Marketing

When is cause marketing most effective? When it is tangible. When you get to see the results of your contribution.

Designing Tech Products for Women – Purse Strings – Tuesday 3pm LIVE – right here

On tomorrow’s show, I’ll be talking to Aurelie Tu, founder of Studio Tu. Studio Tu is a multidisciplinary global shop that focuses on a multitude of solutions for clients – such as branding strategy, design, consumer and cultural insights. Aurelie comes from Nike, where she focused on the technology and design for the company’s accessories for women.

Pittsburg Shooting – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi The tragedy this week in Pittsburg was very disturbing.  A lonely middle aged man acted upon his compulsion to be heard and shot to death three women and then himself at an aerobics class.  According to reports he was unhappy about the hopelessness of his existence which was centered around his lack […]

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