Mine, mine, mine – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi Several weeks ago I wrote here about the influence of touch, and how handling a product or even the thought of ownership can influence our intentions to buy.  At the time it was a concept to me, one that I believed to be true and could relate to loosely.  It fit my […]

Reaching Niche Audiences: The Mommy Ecosphere

By MaryLou Roberts A few days ago the topic of ‘mommy blogs’ came up in conversation. I first became aware of moms writing blogs when my daughter was home with her first baby. Mommy blogs weren’t a feature of motherhood when my children were young, but I remembered the impact of being transported from a […]

Mother’s Day is Recession Resistant

By Robert Passikoff The truth to the statement that “mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever” is being substantiated by the fact that even in the current economic downturn nine out of 10 consumers (90%) are still planning to celebrate Mother’s Day. Celebrants intend to spend an average of […]

Luxury Industry, from Tower of Babel to a Future of Exclusivity

From the perspective of the luxury merchant and the wealthy consumer, what used to be a simple communication of social status has become very complex: There are more communicators (more wealthy) in more places (globalization) with more choices regarding how to communicate (luxury alternatives) than ever before. If luxury is the language of wealth, the luxury industry has become a Tower of Babel.

Where Gamma Women Go in 2009 – PurseStrings

Nancy Weber, CMO of Meredith, will share where Gamma Women are going in 2009. You may recall last fall, Lisa Johnson– founder and CEO of The Reach Group was here to tell us about these women – the result of a study she conducted with Lisa Finn and Meredith Corp. Gamma’s are taking a new […]

Liberty Mutual – Doing the Right Thing?

By Holly Buchanan Let me ask you a question – if you are a big name insurance company, do you want people coming to your website and duking it out with personal opinions about Octomom, teen pregnancy, spying on your kids and whether your school should be allowed to put on a production of the musical […]

Real You: Time for another reality check in advertising

     I find quite often when I sit down to tackle my weekly column for Reaching Women Daily, that I have a nagging ad that forces me to rant. I’m sort of a Bob Garfield in the Reaching Women Daily community. Can’t help it, it’s just that I’m surrounded by ads and sometimes they bug me. This […]

SEO Updates – the Latest from Google

By Tom Lynch Duplicate content can present a problem for your website on Google. Duplicate content can get penalized altogether. If your site allows you to present the same page multiple ways Google would prefer you tell the spider, which is the one you want to be in the index. And if you do this, […]

Starting Over at 50 in Beauty

In these precarious economic times, starting over at 50 brings to mind lost jobs, lost homes and broken nest eggs. When it comes to women and beauty, however, starting over at 50 means something altogether different. It means starting over with many aspects of their personal care routine and learning how to care for a body, hair, skin and face that are undergoing fundamental physical transformation – whether it’s hormonal, cellular or even plastic.

Marketing to Women in a Down Economy – SheHive on PurseStrings – LIVE Today 3pm EST – Right Here

On the program today are Heidi Mausbach (Director of client services) and Betsy Perez (Creative director) of She Hive. SheHive, a division of Ervin & Smith Advertising and Public Relations, is a full-service marketing and communications firm that specializes in marketing to women. Their four areas of focus include: Financial services, education, health care and […]

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