Lauren Weiner, SVP of Meredith Interactive on PurseStrings today – LIVE 3pm EST – right here!

Join Maria Reitan as she interviews Lauren Weiner, SVP of Meredith Interactive. Lauren will be sharing details about the Meredith Women’s Network. Missed the show? Look for the podcast, in our podcast widget – left sidebar. Click HERE for the report, “Digital Mom” – a two-part report published by Razorfish and CafeMom.

“Dead Brands Walking …”

By James R. Gregory, CEO CoreBrand Many corporate brands are being damaged or destroyed by the current economic crisis, but it is through no fault of the brands themselves. Even strong brands that help support the reputations of corporations in difficult times can be overwhelmed by mismanagement or financial conditions beyond the ability of the […]

Men Are from “Mars”, Women Are From “Hershey”

by Holly Buchanan It has been suggested that men and women are from different planets.  Well, from the research I’ve done over the past four years, I can vouch for the fact that we sometimes speak different languages. Women and men often have a different communication style, using different words.   Some words and phrases favored […]

Men and Women Are Different – Duh!

by Delia Passi For millions of years, men and women have been labeled, identified, assigned tasks, appreciated, accepted and often underestimated for their gender. A second is all it took for the brain to identify the opposite sex, and it accepted the opposite sex for the qualities they contributed to the survival of the species. […]

Digital Mom, Tuesday on PurseStrings – Live 3pm EST – right here!

Terri Walter, VP Emerging Media with Razorfish and Laura Fortner, SVP Marketing and Insights, CafeMom. Razorfish is one of the largest interactive marketing and technology companies in the world. CafeMom is the largest online community for moms. Terri and Laura will be talking to Maria Reitan and sharing the results of a joint, 2-part report […]

AIG – The very Definition of a Brand Crisis

James R. Gregory, CEO CoreBrand The clever and consistent AIG corporate advertising campaign in recent years, before the collapse of the firm’s credibility, could not and did not outweigh the management decisions that caused the damage. Corporate brand campaigns can be powerful tools to support visionary leaders, but the best campaigns cannot overcome bad business […]

Does Supporting Causes or Cutting Prices Win With Today’s Consumer?

By Holly Buchanan We keep hearing about consumers who are switching brands to lower priced options to save money during the down economy.    So I was curious – should brands continue to support worthy causes?  Does that still matter to today’s shoppers?   Or are shoppers saying, “I have to vote with my head over my […]

Real You: Now that context and connection are possible, we expect it!

     Here’s the new reality: Now that women consumers are accustomed to instant gratification and a wide-web of social relations and networks, if you’re a brand, you need to find us there. And if you’re a brand I’m doing business with, it’s even more crucial.      My debit card was in France yesterday, trying to book […]

Score Zero – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi Experian Automotive, part of global information services company Experian, and Aspen Marketing, the largest privately-held marketing services agency in the country, recently announced a joint marketing program to drive traffic to auto dealers’ used car lots.  The program is named “Score a Great Car.” Score has a lot of meanings as a […]

Open a New (Wireless) Window

By Robert Passikoff News from the GSMA Mobile World Congress, Spain, the largest wireless industry event so far this year. Microsoft made quite a push to make its Windows mobile software as ubiquitous as its PC operating system. LG announced that they were going to significantly increase the number of handsets that will carry the […]

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