Real You: When ads distract from editorial’s message it’s less, not MORE

     I love women’s magazines.      You could almost say I’m an aficionado. But when I buy a magazine, I buy it for a reason. For a tone, and a point. When I’m reading People, for example, I want the ads to complement the content, which would be a completely different tone and ad than […]

Generalization – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi This past weekend, I came into the office alone to get something finished and off my desk.   It took me a few hours and when I accomplished my goal I closed up my desk and went for my car keys, which are typically in a tray at the corner of my desk.  […]

Boomers: The Middle Frontier

What happened at Woodstock simply has limited relevance to what they are facing today.

Marketers tend to make two mistakes in targeting boomers. They either treat them like they are aged versions of their youth, or lump them in as “seniors” with everyone over 45 or 50, failing to understand that Midlife is a distinct life stage, unlike youth or old age, with its own rites of passage and turning points.

Sona Mehring of Caring Bridge on Tuesday’s PurseStrings

On Tuesday’s PurseStrings I interview Sona Mehring – founder and executive director of Caring Bridge. Caring Bridge is a nonprofit web service that connects family and friends during a critical illness, treatment or recovery. Women comprise the majority of care givers. So how does this organization connect with women in meaningful ways during the time […]

Wally Olins – Old School Thinking about Brand Valuation?

by James Gregory, CEO Corebrand I was stunned to read Wally Olins’ recent article, denying that brand measurement and valuation isn’t an important part of brand building. I thought the days of brand value ignorance were twenty years in the past. Yet, in this article he said, “The brand valuation process ignores tempest, turbulence and […]

Real You: How will you market to my teenage daughter?

     “Well,” she says thoughtfully, “I usually like what my friends like.”      Of course, I thought. And when she asks her friends a question or for a suggestion, she texts on her cell phone. She doesn’t call. She is at the later edge of Gen Y, the folks projected to spend 1/3 of their lives online. […]

The Oldest Trick in the Book – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi I’d like to see this cartoon on the desk of every salesperson, every service representative and every business professional on the planet, just so they get a frequent reminder of the most important consideration to remember when dealing with women.  If anyone who heard me speak or completed the WomenCertified program remembered […]

Academy Awards: “The Super Bowl for Women”

by Robert Passikoff The Academy Awards are called “The Super Bowl for Women,” but female ratings have been on the decline. And while it’s the second-most viewed TV event after the Super Bowl, these days if you’re looking for winners, it’s better to bet on engagement than it is on eyeballs. Viewership this year is […]

Real You: Women with kids are spending more on Valentine’s Day than $123

     You knew I had to write about Valentine’s Day today, right? Ahh, the day for cards, flowers and romantic love. The thing is, consumer-spending wise, it’s still a common misperception that men are doing the purchasing as women sit at home and wait for bon bons and roses. Sure, some of us do wait at home […]

Happy Birthday, Charlie Darwin – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi Today Charles Darwin would have turned 200. Charlie is credited with being the first to develop a theory of natural selection, or evolution, which continues to be a source of great controversy. According to a new Gallup survey, only 39% of Americans say they “believe in the theory of evolution.” 24% say […]

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