Real You: What do you have to say for $100,000 per second?

     Well, if you’re an advertiser with a spot on the Super Bowl this Sunday, that’s the air-time costs. Add creative conception, production – especially if you’re trying 3D – and that’s a huge investment. With 30 seconds to pay-off. This year, some of the tried and true will be back including the Clydesdales. Many […]

Women Are Better Suited to Marketing – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi A recent article on, entitled “Why Women Are the Superior Marketing Sex” is deserving of your attention. The author Mark Ritman (yes, it is Mark), a marketing consultant and teacher of brand management, makes a very well constructed case for women as more natural marketers than men. He uses very little […]

Are you Trustworthy?

by Glenn Geisendorfer, Gabe Goldman Do you act authentically for your brand? Honestly…sincerely? And importantly, does what you do instill consumer confidence? In light of hard economic times, consumers need to trust brands now more than ever. They need to be confident, assured in their purchases — particularly if they had to sacrifice to get […]

Erin Casey – Founder of “Success for Women” a New Women’s Magazine

Today’s PurseStrings is with Erin Casey – founder of “Success for Women” a new women’s magazine. We’ll be discussing “why” a new magazine at a time when many of them are going dar. – if you missed us live – the podcast will be available soon – Maria Reitan

Social Networking – Can You Combine Professional and Personal?

A friend of mine  who had a Facebook page during her school years recently put up a new page to handle her professional life.    Natalie Hart at FutureNow shared her dilemma of whether she should separate her personal and professional Facebook life. This week I created a new Facebook account. Having made my original Facebook account […]

Real You: It feels good to feel good

     Ok, face it. It’s been a magical week. Whether you voted for President Obama or not, the feeling, the mood, the excitement has been palpable. Everywhere. I had the fun of watching the Innauguration with the entire Jones Middle School where two of my four are students. Mind you, we were in the auditorium […]

A Whopper of a Blunder – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi A few weeks ago I saw a news item announcing a new campaign for Burger King, crafted by the award winning agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky. The campaign, via an application that you would install on your Facebook profile, encourages users to “de-friend” people who had been “friended” by you previously, in […]

Alpha Panel’s Wish List for the Obama Administration – Live Today 3pm EST

Join me today at 3pm EST on PurseStrings as I interview Mary Van Note and Beth Perro-Jarvis from Ginger. Ginger is a marketing strategy firm that has fielded a new survey of its influencer group “Alpha Panel.” Mary and Beth will share the results of that survey which includes the Alpha’s wish list for the […]

How Can You Personalize Your Customer’s Experience?

by Holly Buchanan It’s the buzzword on everyone’s 2009 prediction list – personalization. Companies are trying to create customer products and experiences that can be personalized.   I’m convinced that in today’s society, cell phones are the new cars.  It used to be your car alerted the world to who you really are.  It conveyed your […]

Brands Enter Here

by Glenn Geisendorfer & Gabe Goldman The economy has now redefined accessibility for the global brand. In the past, to access a brand was to understand price and availability. In the coming year you’ll see a flood of “innovations”, new categories of products and all sorts of other methods, severely hampered by this old method, […]

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