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Shopping Role Reversal Wrap Up – The ConsumHERist

Posted on | December 26, 2008 | No Comments

The following is the last in a series of blog entries I did with my comedy writing husband for the Readers Digest website on differences in the ways men and women holiday shop.

The differing attitudes of men and women with regard to shopping are certainly real.  They may not be as dramatic, or humorous, as we’ve painted them in our dialogues between Mark and his wife, Maria.  Not all women are fond of shopping and do not see themselves in Maria.  Nor are all men as foreign to shopping as we made Mark out to be.  As generalities go, women generally take a much different approach to shopping than men.

Could men learn to enjoy shopping?  Well, of course they could.  Some could.  Okay, maybe not a lot of them.  Let’s face the facts.  This shopping thing is a fundamental difference between men and women.  Men can certainly do it.  Women are just more willing and for most they love it.  It’s not unlike auto repair, another of the great mysteries of the gender universe.

Women and men approach all kinds of purchasing decisions differently from the other, from gift shopping to buying cars and home improvements.  From the interaction with the sales associate to the interaction with the brand to the interaction with the physical surroundings, a woman has a different perspective on the whole experience.

One of the things that too many retailers, and e-tailers, need to appreciate is that when their customer is a woman, they need to make adjustments to their communications to give her the experience she finds most comfortable.  She spends the money.  What will make a man comfortable and satisfied in his face to face dealings with a seller are very different from what works to make a woman comfortable in the same circumstances.  Mark is most pleased when he can walk up, point to an item, then carry it out in a bag.  For Maria the process is far different.  She might find exactly what she wants in one store yet continue to see what she could find in other stores, just in case.

When Mark enters the store, the experience he is expecting will be significantly different from what Maria is expecting, and it’s not just because she is more familiar with shopping.  She will respond to a different communication style, one that will make her more inclined to stay through to complete her purchase.  Mark will buy as long as he’s going to quickly get what he came for, and as long as the lines aren’t long at the checkout counter.

When you want to know that a retailer wants to deliver the very best in sales and service to both women and men you can seek out the WomenCertified® seal that shows that the sales and service people know how to give women the very best experience.  And when you meet the needs of women, you exceed the needs of men. Happy shopping!

attachment-1.jpegDelia Passi, Founder of WomenCertified® and author of Winning the Toughest Customer: The Essential Guide to Selling to Women is a regular columnist on ReachingWomenDaily.


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