Happy Sustainable Holidays – from a Christmas Tree Hugger

by Penelope Stockinger I believe I have become a Christmas tree hugger.  As your editor, I am not sure if this really has to do with marketing, or marketing to women, but I am a woman and a marketer and the subject touched me this year more than most.

The Secret to Success in 2009

by Holly Buchanan Recently a good friend of mine gave me one of those self-help/business fable books to read.  They say when someone offers you a breath mint, always accept.  I had a feeling this was a similar situation – there was something in this book she felt I needed to hear. Well, as it […]

Shopping Role Reversal Wrap Up – The ConsumHERist

The following is the last in a series of blog entries I did with my comedy writing husband for the Readers Digest website on differences in the ways men and women holiday shop. The differing attitudes of men and women with regard to shopping are certainly real.  They may not be as dramatic, or humorous, […]

We Wish You Holidays Full of Joy!

Join us on December 29th as we kick of our new year with the very latest on marketing to women – and more! – The Writing Team at ReachingWomenDaily

Joy Ott – Wells Fargo Bank – on PurseStrings – LIVE

– missed the show? podcast will appear soon – Joy Ott, Regional President for Wells Fargo Bank and national spokesperson for Women’s Business Services with Wells Fargo and Company, will talk about marketing to the woman small business owner.

The Brand Bubble – Fact or Fiction? Book Review by CoreBrand

by James Gregory – CEO CoreBrand Thank you for sharing the proof of the book, The Brand Bubble, The Looming Crisis in Brand Value. From my perspective, this is an extremely dangerous book. The authors, John Gerzema and Edward Lebar, have taken threads of truth and have tried to weave a dialogue about the impact […]

Will Your CEO Get Down on His or Her Knees?

by Holly Buchanan I recently wrote about the dangers of using your CEO as your marketing spokesman right now. With all the bad publicity CEO’s are getting lately, that’s a dangerous tactic. The public is in no mood to bond with a CEO. Unless…. Is your CEO willing to get down on his knees and […]

Shopping Role Reversal (Part 2) – The ConsumHERist

This is a continuation of last week’s Men Buy, Women Shop blog, which appeared in the Readers Digest website following Black Friday. When we left Mark and Maria, he had related his tale of triumph in finding a gaming system for son Matt. It was a fairly easy acquisition because he knew exactly what he […]

Marketing to Women in China and India – Fara Warner LIVE on PurseStrings

Missed the Show? Tune in again for our Podcast – right here on ReachingWomenDaily Join me, Maria Reitan, as I speak with Fara Warner on marketing to women internationally, specifically the newer markets of India and China.  LIVE on PurseStrings!

How To Give Bad News To a Woman

by Holly Buchanan Recently I noticed a strange noise coming from my car engine.  The next day, the seat heaters stopped working, then the air stopped coming through the main heater vents. So, I took my car in to the auto repair shop.  I was thinking this wouldn’t take that long, so I decided to […]

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