Will Hillary-istas be Happy with SOS?

Ok, ok I know we diverged a bit for a marketing journal around election time and did some good ranting with our political views, but I saw this article by Tina Brown in her The Daily Beast, and just had to pass it around. According to Brown, “The political fate of both Clinton and Palin […]

Real You: Today’s Hip Consumers are Recessionistas

By Kaira Sturdivant Rouda Today’s smart marketers are reaching women daily by understanding the tremendous fear, uncertainty and doubt floating around in their lives. A segment on Good Morning America featured Glamour magazine’s editor and winter coats priced from $10. Looking good for a great price. Contrast that with a segment on the Today show […]

Attention Moms! Who wants a $25 American Express gift card?

We want to know how YOU decide what your family has for dinner each night. Simply take this 2-minute survey and let your voice be heard! As a special thank you for your participation, 4 lucky winners will receive a $25 American Express gift card!

Giving Thanks – The ConsumHERist

by Delia Passi Happy Thanksgiving to all! Maybe you’ve pulled yourself away from the parade, the dinner table, or the football games to check to see what wisdom I have to offer this Thursday. More likely it’s now Monday after the holiday, so I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself. Did you go shopping? No? A lot […]

The Citi Never Sleeps

By Robert Passikoff President, Brand Keys Citibank started its generally meaningless “Live Richly” advertising campaign in 2001. The campaign strategy was to urge customers to not work hard, not consider money to be all that important, and to find meaning and value in their lives through relationships with loved ones, rather than through conspicuous consumption. […]

Joy Ott, Women’s Business Services – Wells Fargo Bank – on PurseStrings

By Maria Reitan Join me today as I talk with Joy Ott, Regional President for Wells Fargo Bank and National Spokesperson for Women’s Business Services with Wells Fargo and Company, will talk about marketing to the woman small business owner.

Social Media “Starting the Conversation” – View Show Here

Mary Lou Roberts speaks at the Conversational Marketing Summit at BrightTalk on ways companies new to social media can use social media for communications – a great guide for “Starting the Conversation”.  For a copy of the Slide Presentation – Click Here. To view the show …..  Just

Mine Social Media for More Persuasive Messaging to Women

By Holly Buchanan It’s that time of year again.  Tis the season for predictable cliche ridden holiday copy: “Put a smile on a child’s face” “”The gift on everyone’s list” “Show her how much you love her.” I spent many many years of my life as a copywriter. So, believe me, I know it’s tough […]

Which 2008 Campaigns Won with Women? One Week Left to Vote!

It’s Time for the 2008 Marti Awards! Popular Speaker, Author and Consultant – Marti Barletta (yes Marti also writes for ReachingWomenDaily) and her team at The TrendSightGroup, a consulting think tank that helps companies get smart about Marketing-to-Women, are asking marketing and advertising Pro’s to give their opinions on those 2008 campaigns that resonated well […]

31 Ways to Meet and Marry a Fabulous Customer – The ConsumHERist

By Delia Passi I couldn’t help but read this article as my daughter recently broke up with her boyfriend and being the drama queen is convinced that Mr. Perfect is only a figment of her imagination. I thought if I read the article I could share with her the 31 Ways to Meet a Quality […]

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