Real You: Consumer Perception Drives Spending Habits in Down Economy

By Kaira Sturdivant Rouda Let’s hope the media puts a cheery costume on the economy this Halloween because perception is key to retail spending right now. Unfortunately, women (the vast majority of retail spenders) can’t easily be tricked. You’ll need to treat select consumer segments who are still in the buying spirit. According to Acxiom […]

The ConsumHERist – Marketing to Women, Dubai

by Delia Passi Dubai is a hive of new ultra sleek skyscrapers surrounded by beaches and luxury hotels with extraordinary service.  A man-made residential island is shaped like a palm tree. It is a most extraordinary place where they too are recognizing the importance of the woman consumer. I am visiting Dubai as the opening […]

Luxury Industry – Beyond the “Deer in the Headlines” Fear Factor

Luxury Institute‘s Wealth and Luxury Trends — 2009 and Beyond by Milton Pedraza, CEO As the Luxury industry enters 2009, some luxury executives look like deer caught in the headlines-paralyzed by the terrifying headlines and by declining sales. Yet, genuine luxury purveyors know that luxury is, and always has been, a cyclical business. They see […]

Aliza Freud CEO of SheSpeaks – Tuesday LIVE on PurseStrings – right here 3pm Eastern

[HTML1] Today’s guest is Aliza Freud, CEO and founder of SheSpeaks. She just conducted a ground breaking research project on women and their use of social media. We’ll discuss social networking, blogger reach and other topics.

Boomer Women (aka PrimeTime Women™) 101

by Marti Barletta Women 50+ represent a market force to be reckoned with.  I refer to them as PrimeTime Women™ for a couple of reasons.  Why?  They are in their prime — this is the healthiest, wealthiest, most influential generation of women in history. Terms like mature (overripe), middle-aged (frumpy) and senior (out to pasture) just […]

Marketing to Women in a Recession

by Holly Buchanan Wow, it’s rough out there.  I was talking with a friend who’s a marketing director, and he’s faced with the daunting task of increasing new customers, finding ways to encourage existing customers to spend more money,  and he has to do it all with a recently reduced marketing budget. My advice to […]

Talking to a deaf ear?

By Kaira Sturdivant Rouda  It’s every marketer’s dilemma. You have a great product, but what media channels will get her attention and lead to the sale? SMS texting, e-mail, smoke signals? It’s cluttered out there. If it was up to the consumer, what would she choose? According to new research, it’s good old e-mail and […]

The ConsumHERist – What’s New?

by Delia Passi A young lady I know recently went through a traumatic and tragic life event, which pulled her from her new and exciting college life and thrust her into the role of head of household almost overnight.  She went from worrying about making it to class on time and making good grades to […]

Marketing to Women Conference in NYC

by Holly Buchanan I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear about a conference October 29th in New York – It’s the EconWomen Conference, focusing on the economics of women-centric digital media.  It’s a half-day conference focusing on my favorite subject – women and digital media.  With the interest, and for goodness sakes […]

The Market Research Event – on Purse Strings

podcast coming soon Joining me today is Kelley Styring – Principal at Insight Farm. She just unveiled exciting new research  at the Institute for International Research’s “The Market Research Event”  about her journey through 7 cities, 5,000 miles in 30 days with her entire family in a Honda Pilot. In Your Car: Road Trip Through […]

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