Alpha Panel Marketing and Influencer Women – Purse Strings

[HTML1] GINGER is a brand new marketing strategy firm in Minneapolis.  Their sweet spot is marketing to women. They have a custom panel of ahead-of-the-curve women in 10 markets in the US who keep them in touch with what women are thinking and doing on a host of subjects. On PurseStrings, find out what Ginger’s […]


By Faith Popcorn – Futurist and Founder – Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve We want to stay in touch with everyone, but we’re much too busy (“99 Lives” trend) to speak to people face-to-face, even when they’re sitting in the next cubicle. Our time is so precious that we are forced to prioritize the people in our […]

Real You: The meaning of brand failure; making scary times scarier still

     I was asked recently what, if anything, branding and marketing have to do with the economic meltdown we’re experiencing in the U.S. Being a marketer, I always have an answer to a broad question like that. (Just don’t ask me for solutions to the crisis at hand or when your home value will be back up to […]

The ConsumHERist – Source Amnesia

By Delia Passi I came across an article in the NY Times that discusses a phenomenon of the brain called source amnesia that causes us to disconnect a piece of information from its source.  We know that we learned something but can’t connect it to the source where we learned it.  In fact we can […]

Where is the EMPATHETIC Marketing?

By Faith Popcorn, Founder Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve The recession is standing marketplaces on their ear.  Our recently completed Recession Survey  (1,011 representative Americans) discovered that from December 2007-May 2008, 42% of consumers gave up their favorite brand while 50% bought more private label products over the same period. I’d have thought that this kind of […]

Gamma Women Study Results – Purse Strings

[HTML1] Author and marketing expert Lisa Johnson – founder and CEO of The Reach Group – is back for another discussion on Gamma Women. Lisa made her debut on the show a few weeks ago, sharing the results of a study she conducted in conjunction with Lisa Finn and Meredith Corp: “The Gamma Factor: Women […]

The Changing Face of Makeup Models

What is your idea of beauty?  When you look at makeup models, what resonates with you?   Is it the flawless perfect face?   Or is it something else? CoverGirl just hired Ellen DeGeneres to be the face of their next campaign.    In a New York Times Article by Ruth La Ferla, CoverGirl  talks about this unconventional […]

Real You: When a hurricane hits you in the heartland, we appreciate the little things

     OK, so, if you don’t live in the Heartland, you probably aren’t aware that we were hit with Category One Hurricane Winds from Ike. Granted, we didn’t come close to the suffering and destruction the Gulf Coast, especially Texas, faces, but we were hit hard enough that the Governor declared a state of emergency. And, […]

The ConsumHERist – How the Media is Marketing the Republican Ticket

Women care. Women are the ones not only making donations but asking how they can help. They lead fundraisers and sit on community boards. And yes, many of these women work, have kids and still manage to make cupcakes for the school fundraiser. Women also get more emotional. They tear at Hallmark commercials and when […] and The Importance of Images

I was doing some research on online dating sites, and went to to see what was new on their site.  The home page image stopped me and my mouse dead in our tracks. Is it just me?  Am I just getting old?  Or does that look like a 13-year-old girl?    She has this innocent […]

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