Marketing to Women Without Turning Off Men

by Holly Buchanan Kaira Rouda wrote recently about her experience as a Mercedes customer. In all of the Summer of Love Event ads she saw, all of the people actually driving the Mercedes were men. What would have happend if Mercedes had an ad where the woman was driving the car and the man was […]

Can I Have Some More, Please?

by Robert Passikoff President, Brand Keys Starting in August Dunkin’ Donuts is officially tossing the health-football to the consumer by offering good-for-you menu options alongside those warm glazed donuts and dripping Boston creams. The menu debuts August 6th and includes a turkey sausage egg-white sandwich or a vegetable one. Both will be under 300 calories […]

The ConsumHERist – Words That Speak to Her

By Delia Passi Picture me (see photo below) telling you that I am excited to have the opportunity to serve you today. Now, picture a man you know saying the same thing. No big difference, right? Most men can say they are excited about an opportunity without feeling too much in touch with their feminine […]

Trillion Dollar Moms – on Purse Strings

missed the show? – listen to the podcast Maria Bailey, Founder and CEO of and author of numerous books speaks about the rapidly developing mommy blogger trend and about women entrepreneurs and why a woman should be more like a man when it comes to business.Join me at 3pm today on PurseStrings where my […]

Offline Sales Running on Empty

It looks like high gas prices pushing consumers to shop online more (and take advantage of free shipping deals – some savvy consumers there). JCPenny and Gap both reported dips in sales at their bricks and mortar operations in Q1, but they also reported even more substantial increases in online sales. Good news! In addition […]

Could “Sex Sell” More Savvily?

by Andrea Learned After this week’s blogosphere discussion of the BMW ad (see my LOW post and my Huffpo piece, if you are interested), and input from a few men who did admit, that – indeed – sex still sells for them (but not the Lolita thing so much), it made me wonder: Could sexual […]

Real You: Brand hierarchy, the YWCA and when the brand gets in the way of the message

By Kaira Sturdivant Rouda      I want to say this upfront: I LOVE the YWCA and everything it stands for. The mission statement, emblazoned proudly in persimmon, is empowering women, eliminating racism. I’m honored to serve on the board of my city’s YWCA, and champion the organization’s causes whenever I can. So, in the story […]

The ConsumHERist – Ah, Italia!

By, Delia Passi I’m writing this from the comfort of my parents’ home in Italy. (Yeah, poor me, but notice that I am working on my vacation.) I’ve been in Italy for a week and have visited three regions, observing the communications skills of the Italian culture in each. I can’t help myself. I may […]

Giving CMOs Their Due

by Andrea Learned It turns out that the average tenure of a chief marketing officer (CMO) is 22 months. What are brands expecting from these poor people that they’d replace them so quickly? (The moon is not an option, by the way.) According to Richard Guha, the president of Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG), brands […]

Understanding Target Demographic – Purse Strings 3pm Eastern

Author and Marketing Consultant Holly Buchanan discusses how companies should better understand their target demographic when marketing their products and services to Women, plus learn about her book The Soccer Mom Myth. Hear the Podcast HERE Read Holly’s posts on our blog

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