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The ConsumHERist – That’s My Boy!

Posted on | June 26, 2008 | No Comments

By, Delia Passi

In almost any office occupied by a woman, you’ll find some indisputable evidence that a woman uses the space. Sometimes it’s a plant or decoration she’s brought in to personalize her space. Frequently it’s a photo or two or ten of friends and family. Sometimes it’s a photo of Brad Pitt.

For men, you are less likely to find as many items of a personal nature in their workspace. I did a quick survey of the offices and cubicles in my company. Only one of ten women did not have any obviously personal items, but she is only in the office one or two days a week. The office of another of our female employees more than makes up for the part-timer. Her credenza doesn’t have any more space for photos of her loved ones.

Of the three men in the office, one doesn’t display anything of a personal nature, and another has one item that is not well placed for others to observe it. The third man who displays the most personal items has been with the company the longest. He even has a plant – a dying plant.

What I’m getting at is how women personalize their surroundings. We like to share our personal lives with other. It lets us promote our personal values.

Have I said personal enough times?

Women are more social than men, in that women make a greater effort to get, yes, personal with the people they come in contact with. We like to work with and buy from people like ourselves.

So, knowing this, what does a smart salesperson do? He or she makes it clear that they have a personal life too. That means putting a few items on display that will let your women clients and customers know that you too have a life. And don’t be shy about talking about them, especially if she takes an interest.

And don’t hide them. Share them. If you have a photo on your desk, place it where she can see it too. Hang a few pictures on the wall. Did your child draw you a picture? Pin it to your bulletin board.

Next week: Women’s Equality

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