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“What if…” – Snaptell – Making Products Part of the Conversation

Posted on | June 4, 2008 | 1 Comment

by Arthur Ceria – CEO – CreativeFeed

What If?

“What if…” is a column that gives brands and ad agencies a weekly heads-up on the next big technologies and ideas in the digital marketing space and provides competitive edge ideas to enable CEOs, brands and agencies to leverage these emerging technologies.

This week’s featured Startup: Snaptell – Making Products Part of the Conversation



What if products could talk? What if consumers could interact directly with posters and packaging, if images on paper could provide answers to the questions that people have after viewing an ad?

If products themselves could act as their own advertisements, how would that change marketing? Would it be more effective to communicate with consumers when they are interested in knowing more and elect to request further information?

Would this be the end, once and for all, of interruptive advertising? How would content producers, who rely on ads respond, or would all ads simply become interactive by default? And if products do become part of the conversation, will brand owners lose some control over their brand’s story?

Will technology that enables products to interact also enable consumer-centered information and user-generated content? What happens when a consumer who is in shopping mode suddenly has instant access from anywhere to reviews, cost comparisons, and a wealth of other information about a product?

What happens when consumers become engaged with brands without the brand’s input?

How does that change the conversation? It’s time to figure that out now, as a new disruptive technology that enables products, packaging and ads to communicate via cell phones upon request recently debuted and may change everything we thought we knew about marketing.


One Response to ““What if…” – Snaptell – Making Products Part of the Conversation”

  1. Brian
    June 16th, 2008 @ 5:13 am

    What if Snaptell isn’t the first and the best one?
    Check out, they even have Applications for the iPhone and most of the other cell-phone.

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