The ‘Green Mommy’ Ecosystem

by Dr. Mary Lou Roberts Awhile ago I wrote a series about the ‘Mommy Ecosystem.’ The mommy blogs and communities constitute a vibrant extended community that marketers can monitor and reach through specialized advertising networks. I’ve also recognized that this particular ecosystem is becoming greener. An article in the Baltimore Sun talks about the steps […]

Real You: My new toothbrush scrambled my brain…

Or, maybe it’s just summer. I’m not sure. Here’s my theory for proving the electric toothbrush may be at fault. 1. I just started using it, three days ago. 2. My children – who are teenagers – talked me into said toothbrush, as I packed them for camp in Maine. I just dropped them off, […]

The ConsumHERist – That’s My Boy!

By, Delia Passi In almost any office occupied by a woman, you’ll find some indisputable evidence that a woman uses the space. Sometimes it’s a plant or decoration she’s brought in to personalize her space. Frequently it’s a photo or two or ten of friends and family. Sometimes it’s a photo of Brad Pitt. For […]

What Do You Want To Know About Marketing To Women Online

by Holly Buchanan I never used to be popular at parties. I mean, I dressed up, I was pleasant, I’m a good conversationalist. (OK, there was that one time that I tripped and splattered a whole glass of pinot noir on the hostesses Bichon Frise. Come on – I offered to have him dry cleaned. […]

The Wisdom of Clicks: Trendspotting With Social Media

Trendspotting is tricky – trends can seem ephemeral and tough to grasp onto. But doing it right could mean the difference between a spike in traffic and a dip, between gaining currency with readers as relevant and becoming that forgotten bookmark. On terra firma, companies are sending employees all over the globe to snap photos […]

That Explains It: CMO’s Admit Consumer Insights Not A Priority

by Andrea Learned What might explain why so many brands still don’t seem to understand the women in their markets? While we are clearly seeing big-ticket ad-campaigns in print and television, and the occasional micro-site more reflective of today’s feminine perspective, disconnects still abound. It may LOOK like brands are trying to reach women more […]

Real You: Dear Advertisers. It’s me, Female Consumer.

By Kaira Sturdivant Rouda Every month I’m excited to read my favorite magazine. I open the glossy cover with its witty teasers to find: full-color, beautiful woman, product, no substance (flip). Repeat. Repeat. Great content (finally!). Flawless woman, product (flip). It’s a vicious cycle. I quickly move past the ads to get to the good […]

SheFinds And Count Me In Help Support Women Entrepreneurs And Business Owners

Sure, we live in 2008 and everything seems pretty gender equal, right? Not quite. According to statistics, 80% of women in the workforce earn less than $25,000 a year even though a whopping 55% of women provide half of their household’s income. So when a woman decides to start her own business, she’s already facing […]

The ConsumHERist: Cleanliness is Next to Salesmanship

By, Delia Passi I recently had the occasion to visit a local tire dealer to buy a new set of tires. The counter person was pleasant enough, the price was reasonable, and once I paid they set about working on installing my tires. It was going to take the better part of an hour so […]

Recession Marketing: Making Frugalistas Out Of Big Buyers

Cheap is chic. For our fashion-conscious female readers, it may now mean spending less to look good. At, we’re looking at the recession as an opportunity to gain a more loyal readership: Women want advice about how to look put-together and stylish on a budget, which some readers may see as a tougher task […]

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