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The ConsumHERist – Bobbleheads

Posted on | May 22, 2008 | No Comments

By Delia Passi

I often speak to rooms full of men with few women present, and also often speak to rooms full of women with few men present. Aside from the obvious differences of colorful clothing, scent, and overall appearance, there is another more subtle difference in motion. If I were to have all those present wear a beanie on their head with a little flag on a little mast it would magnify the effect most dramatically. In the room full of men you’d think you were in the midst of a bunch of sailboats floating on a calm sea. In the room full of women it would often look like they were afloat in a turbulent storm with their little flags bob, bob, bobbing around. Women are just so much more expressive physically. When they agree with what you are saying they nod unconsciously, or they shake their head when they express their disapproval. When I speak to men there is so much less head movement that you’d think they were all suffering from stiff necks. This tendency is something that sales and service people need to recognize because women, and men, seek to do business with people that they feel are empathetic to them. Women show empathy when communicating with head nods and wags, with the occasional “Really?” or “Hmmm” or “I know, I know.” It shows that they are listening, paying attention and empathetic. Sales and service people need to adopt these behaviors to show empathy with customers, especially when that customer is expressing need for features, benefits, and services. Nod occasionally and interject a little verbal interest (without interrupting) and she will feel better about you and may be more willing to buy from you. Go ahead. Bobble that head a little. It won’t hurt.

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