The ConsumHERist – 4-3-2-1

By Delia Passi Whenever I talk to the mainly male audiences that take my Selling to Women courses, I offer one very important bit of advice. Actually I offer a lot of very important advice, since men are so often clueless to the idiosyncrasies of communicating with women. And to be honest, women often make […]

The Beauty of Mixing Company in “Foreign” Environments

by Andrea Learned I admit it. I am someone who always manages to find myself living in Subaru-driving, latte drinking (in one’s own stainless steel cup – of course), and tree-hugging communities. But, the older and wiser I get, the more I realize how a little exploring of the foreign-to-me topics and environments really helps […]

All the Cool Marketers are Selling Engagement

The latest buzzword  in marketing is Engagement . Progressive  marketers aim to engaging their customers, in  user-advertiser interaction.  These activities  include commenting, sharing on a social network, playing a video, even clicking on a banner.  Does it work? Traffic is great. But many people question whether engagement marketing has an ROI.  On the one hand […]

Education Matters, Especially for Women

by Fara Warner Two weeks ago on May 8, I gave a speech on the global power of the purse at the Marketing to Women conference in Chicago. From what I could tell from questions from the audience, discussions afterward and the applause (thank you), it was a success. But what continues to surprise me […]

Big Brands- Think Like Start-Ups for Successful Online Product/Service

by Arthur Ceria, President Creative Feed Big business better think small if they expect success in the digital world. Corporate bureaucracy drains the life out of marketing campaigns. By the time everyone at the table has had their say, an innovative idea is generally transformed into yet another iteration of the same old safe thing. […]

The ConsumHERist – Bobbleheads

By Delia Passi I often speak to rooms full of men with few women present, and also often speak to rooms full of women with few men present. Aside from the obvious differences of colorful clothing, scent, and overall appearance, there is another more subtle difference in motion. If I were to have all those […]

Why You Should Care About Twitter

I arrived late to Twitter. I started tweeting after attending a BlogHer conference in April and noticing EVERYONE had their laptops open and up. I set-up my account and started following a few acquaintances and suddenly I was sucked in. I tried to explain to my husband and close friends what the draw was […]

Marketer’s Goal — Awareness or Attention?

by Dr. Mary Lou Roberts Most marketers have cut their teeth on the concept of branding and how to measure brand development and effectiveness. I was reminded of the tension between traditional brand metrics and the Internet by this graphic from MarketingCharts Note that Purchase Intention, which can be unreliable, is the top metric in […]

It Takes Feminine Brain Traits to Market to Women

by Andrea Learned We’ve all got them.  Whether you are male or female, you have the ability to tap into your feminine brain traits to better understand a woman’s buying mind.  You just may be out of practice.  After a month of speaking to several traditionally male-dominated industry audiences and a day at the M2W […]

The ConsumHERist – Giving Her the Eye

By Delia Passi  I realize that some women don’t wear makeup, but given the number who do, and the amount of time and money we spend on eye makeup, it would appear we are more than a little interested in getting some attention to our eyes.  So why is it that when we are in […]

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