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by Delia Passi Women are natural communicators. Put a bunch of us together, and almost all of us will have something to add to the conversation. We have opinions, and we like to share them. This tendency to communicate with each other is probably based on our primitive instincts. I recently heard that women were […]

The Lingo of 3.0

On May 8th I’m going to be on a panel at Digital Hollywood. Knowing that conferences are all about knowing the new lingo I thought I’d better dig into what the visionaries are are chirping (tweeting?) about web 3.0 Even as I type the number 3.0 I’m sure I’m already behind – 4.0 anyone? 1. […]

Closing the Gap

by Fara Warner Recent events—the Senate filibuster of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the first-ever women’s business conference in Saudi Arabia—has me pondering how far we have come and far we still have to go in recognizing the power of women on a global scale. I won’t debate the pros or cons of […]

Mother’s Day Becomes Universal – Men Spend More than Women on Mom

With nine out of 10 consumers (90%) planning to celebrate Mother’s Day, retailers should have reason to celebrate.Although the average anticipated spend has not increased only $7.00 since 2007, celebrants intend to spend an average of $140.00 on Mom this year. Men intend to spend more than women, reporting an anticipated average “spend” for celebrating […]

Wii’s Big Challenge: Targeting Women Without Turning Off Young Men

By Andrea Learned The team behind the Nintendo Wii has got its work cut out for it. Any company or brand that serves the young male market so very well already, is right to pause and reflect a bit before beginning a more women-focused marketing effort. When I saw the title of Suzanne Vranica’s Wall […]

Customer Parking

by Delia Passi “Attention store managers: New practices will be put in effect immediately to ensure the shopping satisfaction of our male customers. First, the two parking spaces that are closest to the door will henceforth be designated as “Men Only” parking spaces. In addition, all male customers will be entitled to jump one space […]

If You’re Going to Social Network – Do it With the Right Crowd

Taking real advantage of the opportunities that social media sites afford means more than that button at the bottom of a post. At SheFinds and MomFinds, we’re still sifting out the best ways to use these sites to market to women – busy, stylish, connected women in particular – but one thing is clear: […]

Starbuck’s New Brew lacks Bite

by Robert Passikoff Two weeks ago, in the hope that a new “signature” blend would help revive coffee sales and consumption, Starbucks served up a new “everyday” java called Pike Place Roast. To promote the launch, Starbucks gave away coupons for free coffee and hosted free tastings, hoping that a new product formulation would reinvigorate […]

China’s Fitness Boom Driven by Women

by Fara Warrner When I began traveling to China in the mid-1990s, the only Western-style gyms or fitness centers were found in five-star hotels that catered to business travelers and expatriates. If you did see a Chinese citizen “working out” it was often older people practicing tai chi or other Asian-inspired exercise routines. A decade […]

Work the Web and Find What You Want at the Price You Want

In the last week I’ve been approached by 3 reporters doing stories on e-shopping and how interactive technology is making the fashion shopping experience better. Thought ebrand should get a look at a few of my discoveries so here they are – 1. I’m obsessed with Zappos’ shopper reports on how a shoe fits. Should […]

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